Mami's Favorite Things: Eyedews


When Natalie raves about something, I listen. And so, when I saw a tweet about Eyedews I decided to investigate. What were these things? And more importantly, how could I get my hands on some to try them out.

This is where good friends come in handy. Natalie actually shipped some of her stash to me so that I could try these out. This is also how you know you’ve got some good stuff.

The one question I always get when I tweet about my need for Eyedews (usually after a couple of sleepless nights) is: what’s that? The quick answer? They’re magic for your eyes!

The other day the frog princess came up to me with a crayon, held it up to my eyes and said, look mami, it’s green like my crayon. That’s when I knew it was time for Eyedews. It’s my own little spa treatment in gel form. If you are a mom and don’t own some of these, you have no right to complain about looking worn out, old or with bags under your eyes.

They are nutrient rich jelly pads of natural marine collagen infused with hyaluronic acid, chitosan and vitamins C & E. It also has aloe extracts, which I love. You can check out the ingredients list for yourself.


Do I look relaxed in this picture? Because I totally was. The gels feel cool on your skin. I always lie back, put them on and then close my eyes and enjoy.  Inevitably, I doze off but that’s okay too. Afterwards, I can see the difference and my entire face looks rejuvenated. Who knew all it took was some under eye treatment?

Of course, once I’m done with my Eyedews, they have to be put to good use.


Apparently, she thinks they’re soothing and refreshing as well.

I could talk about these all day long but I want you to try them! So, be sure to enter below as I will be selecting a couple of winners. Tell me, do you Eyedew?

Disclosure: I’ve won Eyedews in the past from one of their giveaways on their Facebook page. All relaxed looks, sleepy faces and sighs of happiness are strictly my own.

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