The (frog) Princess Diaries

I am not even going to try to guess the last time I wrote in your journal. I sort of wish that I could just print out all of my Tweets and Facebook posts and then bind them in a book because then, you'll have real-life thoughts and memories captured. You making me laugh, you making me cry (you do that sometimes, you know. Your sweetness knows no bounds) or simple moments that I probably will not remember in a year but whose fumes indelibly infiltrate my heart and become part of its makeup.

You are (for the most part) fully potty trained. Though just the other night you had an accident that made me think I should start shopping for a new mattress. I no longer worry about you telling me whether you have to go or not. In fact, recently, you decided to go poop "allme by meself" as you like to say. I was doing dishes and you went, pooped in your little potty then cleaned after yourself. I was impressed!

Helping me has become a big thing in your book lately and though I am sometimes running from one place to the other I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed and I so appreciate it. I will make a special note for you to read this when you are 13.

Frog princess, this morning I dropped you off at school. It was your first day of the fall semester. You had a bright smile on your face, as always. I do not know when it was that you sprouted. How it could possibly be that we are mere months away from your 3rd birthday. You are going to be THREE! And, though you are practicing for when you are a teenager and trying to pass as either 4 or 6, I am still in awe at how big and smart you are.

I could write a list of what you know and what you can do but, I won't. Because the thing that I am most impressed by is your heart and your spirit. You are gentle and kind though you are strong and hard headed. I have no idea where you'd get that trait from. I'm thinking it skipped a generation.

Each day I learn something from you. I am reminded of what is important. Of simply loving and not holding on to any resentments or misgivings. I am reminded that it is possible to find a kind and loving spirit like yours on this earth. And I am beyond grateful that God has placed you under my care. I could thank him every minute of every hour for the next thousand years and it still isn't enough.

Yes, I am totally feeling mushy but, when you look at this face and think of how a short time ago she was being knitted in my womb, how could you not?