40 Days Till 40 {#Mamis40to40}

With 40 more days until my birthday, I want to issue a challenge to friends near and far. I am not planning a big birthday bash (this is your hint to start planning a surprise party for me STAT, folks). But the thing about parties is that you never get the one-on-one time with all the people that come out to celebrate. 4th birthday

What I am proposing is simple: I'd like to see as many friends as possible in the next 40 days. It can be for coffee, for dinner, a Skype call, whatever. I want to see you, talk to you and catch up. During that time I want to ask you a few questions (that may or may not be recorded). Questions like: how did we meet? How long have you known me? What can you say about me (this is free where you will pledge your undying love and willingness to help me bury the body, if need be. Or you can tell me you love my shoe style, whatever floats your boat)? What's your birthday wish for me?


If you have pics of us that you want to share on social or comments, questions, concerns, well wishes, Instagram video, lotto numbers, etc feel free to use the #Mamis40to40 hashtag.

Deal? Who's in?

(PS: I'm deathly afraid that no one will respond to this but I'm learning that in order to receive, I need to be more vulnerable. Something I learned in my first 40 years. Pretty neat, eh?)

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