Surprise! Surprise! By Latina Magazine

I have fallen out of my chair today. So glad I didn't have my cafe con leche in hand! As I was smack dab in a meeting today I get this:

 At first I was like: what?! And then I was like WHHHHAAATTT?!

I could barely type. I couldn't think. I couldn't take notes, I couldn't do anything. I sent a message to Yadira, who did not help matters. She had the same reaction I did! Excitement, disbelief.

And above all I feel a deep, deep sense of gratitude. Oh and maybe some tears. Why?

I write. All the time. I tuck myself into my shell and try to live out my passion. But deep down, I never know if anyone is listening. Remember that quote from Oprah that I love some much?

There's a reason why I love it so much. It speaks to my soul. It says everything that I'd never known was deep within me until I heard her speak those words (PS: I pink puffy heart Oprah, with pictures of puppies on the side!).

It has been a hell of a month, guys. A hell of a month. I have been in deep prayer about a lot of things. And at the same time, I've been in deep, secret, middle of the night meetings with the Almighty. I've needed a refill of faith and an influx of hope.  Yes, I'm about to get all preachy on you.

Boy, did my God deliver this week! This is a culmination of a hectic week where everything is being provided almost all at once. I also believe it's the beginning.

Knowing how things work, I also know that I am here to give testimony. To provide a real life, flawed example of the goodness of the Lord. As I stand in my faith and hold on to every single promise that He has made in spite of what my circumstances might be saying.

Boy, today was a day of big surprises. I will take it and be thankful. I will celebrate the victories both big and small.

I will ask you to go read the article and share it and tell everyone what you think of me (only if you love me, though).

Thank you for stopping by. For taking time out of your busy day to read what I have to say. For being a part of this journey. I'm humbled by your presence as I am humbled by His.