Sunday Blessing: Letter to My Frog Princess

Dear Frog Princess: I have been slacking with writing in your journal (I think I mentioned that in the last note I wrote). Things have been off ever since your abuelita got sick last December. But I need to do better as I feel that I've missed writing about so many milestones.

I wanted to take a short moment today to tell you some things.  You are so big and beautiful! I cannot believe that my little frog princess is now a toddler.  You do things that amaze me every day. Yesterday, for example, we were doing a dance (we dance often, you and me) and afterwards you proceeded to throw kisses (muah, muah, muah, muah) while bowing! Where did you learn this? You are already a natural performer and I delight in it.

Right now you are with you dada. I know you two are having fun.  He was here and dancing with us when you did your bow so he got a chance to share that special moment as well.

Every day you learn more, do more, know more.  You know just about every letter in the alphabet and are not afraid to point them out when we are out in the streets.

Each day that passes, my heart seems to expand to accommodate the growing love that I feel for you.  It seems like just yesterday when you were growing safe in my belly.  I remember feeling your hiccups and I couldn't wait to have you in my arms to soothe you.  You are compassionate, loving and kind.  So much of what you do reminds me of your abuelita.

We are now living in her old house and you have taken to the change so well.  Today, we took the rail off of your crib and it is now a bed. I remember when you were too small and I didn't want to put you in the crib all by yourself.  What a grown child you are! Smart, beautiful and so loved.

I am grateful to God for the gift of you.  For continuing to watch over you and in spite of some of the hiccups we have had health-wise, I feel fortunate to have such a healthy child.  I know you will continue to wow me with your presence and your discernment.  I pray that you and I always have a close relationship and that when things get rough you remember that I love you more than any words in any language could convey.  My love is eternal and undying for you.  It is big like the galaxy and yet fits in the palm of your hand.

You remind me every day of the little miracles in this world. Of how blessed I am.  Of how happy we are. Especially when you are about to fall asleep and tell me that you are happy and when you wake up in the mornings and ask if I am the same. How could I not be when I wake up to your smiling face every day.

With eternal love in my heart, Your Mami