One Simple Way to Become a Password Tamer


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]Disclosure: I'm giddy with excitement to be a LionLock ambassador. Lord knows I have the mane for it.[/box] I wanted to title this post: losing my religion. Because for those of us that are small business owners, work seems like a religion sometimes, doesn't it? And losing access to all of our online information might be just as catastrophic.

We have so much riding on what we do and our reputation is part of it. I feel that my clients trust me with one of their most precious possessions: their online presence.  The thought of a client's site being hacked because passwords were improperly secured used to keep me up at night. As the frog princess says "can you imathine?"

Obviously, people will always find a way to hack and be evil. But I think that on the other side, a lot of times we try to keep passwords simple so that we can remember them which makes us a bit more vulnerable at times.

Of course, with technology being the way it is today, so much of our lives is "here". Online. On the web. In the cloud. Right? Which means we have more to remember, more to possibly lose and more to protect.

LionLock is the gatekeeper for me. It's hosted by Amazon EC2 secure servers in the United States region. This means that if my computer crashes, my passwords are still safe in the cloud and are always up to date, no matter where I'm accessing them from.

This is important to me because when I'm working with clients they might need to change a password for whatever reason (say they lose someone on their team) and all we have to do is make sure we update it in LionLock and voila!

We can see who has access to what information and can change that access at any point in time. LionLock keeps automatic reports of all the users you share vaults and/or passwords with as well as date/time users viewed or changed any passwords they have access to.

So I no longer have to place 32 calls to get access to client information or figure out who changed what password/when/where and how. When it comes to my personal information, I can share what I need to with my family so that I have peace of mind should I get run over by a bus.

I. Am. A. Password. Tamer. And lucky for you that with LionLock, you can be too!

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