Locked And Loaded


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]Disclosure: I'm giddy with excitement to be a LionLock ambassador. Lord knows I have the mane for it.[/box] I'm tired of pretending. Tired of getting frustrated and tired of wasting time looking. Do you have this problem? I'm talking about passwords, folks. They are the bane of my existence!

And yes, I can totally blame it on the mami brain but let's be serious. As time has gone by I add more and more user logins and passwords. As I take on clients well, I take on their user names and passwords as well.

The loose pieces of paper aren't doing it anymore. I thought I'd grown from sticky notes. This meant I graduated to finding random notes in my notepad specifically placed there to remind me of passwords. Let me give you an example (because I have watched too many spy movies):

B_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _4

Do you know how many words start with the letter B? My default way to figure out the password is of course, the dreaded password reset. It's frustrating and defeating. And I don't need it.


Enter LionLock. I'd like to think of them as my personal lifesaver. It's a password management tool which came into existence for the sole purpose of making my life easier (queue the angels).

I don't have to get anxious every time I go to type in a password. And my clients don't have to either. Each client gets their own vault and there, we get to share passwords. No need for handwritten notes with passwords or having to call someone to let them know a password has changed.

LionLock can store all kinds of protected information, including passwords, website logins, bank accounts and credit card details. They call each one a "Secret".  All Secrets are encrypted with AES-256, the same level of encryption the government uses for Top Secret documents (because, you know...I'm all B6-13 over here). Only managers and users with whom you share access can see your Secrets.

Which is a good thing. I recently had a frightening thought. What if something happened to me? Who can log in to my blog? My Twitter? My bank account for goodness sake! There's all kinds of information that my family would need and most of it, is electronic info. Well now thanks to LionLock, I don't have to worry about it. I can give the right people access. It's a crazy thought, right? But it's the responsible thing to do. Being prepared, just in case. For myself personally and for my clients.

Best of all, I have access to my vaults and my secrets wherever I go. I keep vaults by company/client as well as my own personal vault for all of my 1,940 passwords (yes, this is a made up number but I bet it's close if I ever bothered to think about it).

All I have to do now is remember one username and password.

I'm locked and loaded and I have a little more peace of mind. Okay, now that I've shared my embarrassing "what's this password?" story tell me, how do you store your passwords?



Want to know more about LionLock? Join the gang as we chat all things awesome on February 25th at 9 p.m. EST. RSVP to be eligible to win some awesomeness.


Disclosure: I am a LionLock Ambassador. All opinions, thoughts and total lack of keeping passwords in my brain are purely my own.