Working Mami: Meal Planning for Peace of Mind


I'm trying to keep up with the Working Mami series, y'all! Today we're talking meal planning and my struggle. I hope this serves you. You wouldn't think that something like food would cause so much stress. I mean, it's food! And yet I have found a great source of stress in trying to answer the age-old question "what's for dinner?".

I don't have it figured out yet but I have realized that if I organize my grocery shopping and meal planning, the week goes by with less stress which affects my overall mood and productivity at work AND at home.

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A lot of times we think working from home will mean that we'll have this food situation better settled but, I haven't found that to be the case. Because I'm "here" I think I slacked in planning ahead a bit. I'm changing that (it's a work in progress, people).

I love going to sites like 4 Hats and Frugal where Amiyrah Martin talks about her $64 grocery budget and some pretty great recipes along the way. The key is planning ahead. She's got loads of tips and tricks to get you there, too.

Meal Planning for Peace of Mind. Lord knows I need this!

I got myself a copy of the Living Well Life Planner and I am ashamed to admit that I haven't been using it to the best of my abilities. Again, this is changing and I am showing myself some grace instead of coming down on myself for not being on top of things.  I told you a little about this planner before and it's still one of my favorites.

Using the planner means I get to write out the meals for the week (breakfast, lunch & dinner). From there, I go to my grocery list and put down what I need to purchase in order to make those meals happen.

The one BIG thing that I have missed in the past was prep. My sister preps all of the meals she's cooking during the week on Sunday. I think that's amazing. I'm not there yet but, this is my goal.

I spent some time yesterday meal planning and grocery shopping. In the evening I made my version of Chicken Gloria and I prepped the veggies for a Thai chicken soup.

Mondays tend to be naturally hectic. I think a crock pot meal is ideal for us because it gets thrown into the pot when I get up for lunch (this forces me to get up for lunch so I don't skip!). And today, because I prepped in advance, it means that I am literally just putting all the ingredients in the crock pot, turning it on and continuing about my day. It's a beautiful thing.

Food is important. Living life stress-free is important. Planning and organizing at work is important but let's not forget to also do it at home. Okay?

What's your pain-point at home that you feel affects your overall mood and productivity?

Note: I keep some pretty awesome recipes to help me with this planning. Check out my Pinterest page!