Mental Mucinex: 5 Tips to a Decongested Life

When Mucinex approached me about tips to keeping a clear head while balancing a hectic schedule, I gladly accepted, seeing that I always seem to know how to keep my cool. Then I laughed because I couldn't get through that last sentence without snorting my coffee out and I was sure there’d been a mistake. Here’s a rundown of my mornings:

  1. Wake up
  2. Sing the good morning song to the frog princess
  3. Get breakfast for her
  4. Reminder her at least 32 times to eat her breakfast
  5. Pack her lunch
  6. Brush her teeth
  7. Get her in her uniform
  8. Comb her hair
  9. Grab my phone, purse, lunchbox, backpack and kid before leaving the house

That’s kinda what the routine looks like. All before 8:15. Some days it’s okay and some days? Not so much. Last week we had a meltdown due to soggy Cheerios. Seriously. Because that’s how we roll around here.

When I get back home, the rush really begins. Because the countdown clock to pick up time ticks off. While my baby girl is in school, I must also go to school. Two courses this term, plus writing posts, engaging my readers and brands in social media, tweaking any issues with the blog, marketing my business, helping people out, going to appointment with prospects, chat with close family and friends, remember to eat somewhere in there oh and, don’t forget to pick something to cook for dinner.

To say my life is somewhat…congested would be the understatement of the year (I bet this statement would hold true til December 31). I’ve been accused of having ADD. But I think maybe it’s just there’s a ton going on. I’m a multi-tasker. And in order to keep myself from getting burned out, I need to have a few things in place. I call these my mental Mucinex (you know, to get rid of all the gunk and congestion in my brain).

  1. Believe it or not, the first thing I need is an decongested house. Specifically a decluttered bedroom. I know, I know, sounds all feng shui and whatnot but it’s true. Having a clean and clear space means that I end up with a clean and clear mind (well, as clear as it’s going to get).
  2. Write it Down – I keep my handy dandy momAgenda with me at all times. Making sure I write down anything that needs to be done lest it be forgotten throughout the day.
  3. Write it Down some more – I also keep lists in OneNote. It’s helpful because while I adore writing in my planner, I spend so much of my time in front of the screen that it’s just easier to open up a list and type away. The key to keeping multiple lists though is to create a system. MomAgenda has that area at the bottom for “kids”. I use that space for my classes, my blog and any other major projects I have going on. Then I get finite lists going on zenMami since I’m usually executing while typing away.
  4. Breathe – I know this sounds like common sense but, it’s not. So many times I’m running around trying to do something and realize, I’m holding my breath. Stress will do that to you.
  5. Along with breathing, I’ve been doing this “little things” exercise (gratitude journal, One Thousand Gifts). We have so many awesome things in our lives and yet at times when life is going 100 miles per hour, we forget that. I find that focusing on the little things, finding beauty and joy in the small moments around you can lead to taking a deep breath which leads to me being calm, cool and collected on hectic days.

Things aren’t always going to go the way we plan. But the older wiser I get the more I realize that sometimes, we take ourselves too seriously. In five years, will you even remember this hectic day? Probably not.

But I guarantee that keeping your life decongested will mean you have more time for what truly matters. The thing that breathes life into your world. Whatever that might be.

Now if you'll excuse me, I really have been dealing with congestion and sinus issues and yes, I've totally been digging into my Mucinex supply because it helps with the sinus pressure and that not-so-sexy mucus that sits at the back of your throat.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mucinex. The opinions and text are all mine.