What The Elf?!


I have this beautiful, intelligent and fantastic sorority sister. She is just everrathang and a bag of Godiva. We have conversations often via social media. We especially have conversations when I post pictures of Yandelina, the resident elf on a shelf at my house. Here she is riding in style.

It seems she is majorly creeped out by the elf. And so, a conversation ensued when she tagged me on a naughty elf picture. I promised her I'd do a recap of naughty and outrageous things the elf has been known to do. Mainly because I only think to do these things in my head and who has this kind of time? If you do, please make an appointment to come by my house.

Here are 5 hilarious elf pics courtesy of the interwebs:

I try y'all but, half the time I forget. There are so many cool things to do with the elf! All of which are completely inappropriate for the little ones. Do you do Elf on a Shelf? Show me your pics! You can find some of mine on Instagram.