Fashion Friday: Packing for a Cruise

Why yes, I am getting ready to go on vacation. Thank you for asking! Let's not talk about the last time I was on an actual vacation (as I do believe I got the gift that keeps on giving in the form of the Frog Princess). Let's just focus on my bag. It's packed. Can we just celebrate this for a second? I leave on SUNDAY and my bag is packed! And by packed I don't mean my hair products or gadgets because what am I, a freak?! The clothes. The clothes are all packed up.

I took Tawanna's advice and grabbed some packing cubes. I've always known they were magic but geez, Louise! Do you guys know about this business? I packed us in 4 cubes total. Five if you count the last minute "ohemgee! We need cute dresses" cube.

What did I pack? I'm not entirely sure. Is that wrong? Don't judge me! I've been busy packing. Who do you think I am?! A blogger or something? Nope. I took zero pictures of what I packed. I know I packed some dresses, bathing suits and shorts. Here's my current suitcase situation.

There's room for the flip flops and sandals, maybe one pair of closed toe comfy shoes and that's it, my good people! I've decided we are going to roll Bohemian style. But seriously, if you want the formula, here it is: two outfits per day. If you want to dress up, there will be one elegant night on the ship. I'm bringing 3 bathing suits and a full sized bottle of conditioner.

Also on my list:

  • Surge protector (because there will be like one outlet there for me)
  • Thermometer for the Frog Princess
  • Fever reducing meds (just in case)
  • Dramamine (because it occurred to me that the girl might not love the sea)
  • Waterproof disposable camera (2)
  • Waterproof bag for my phone
  • Small first aid kit (with bandages and whatnot)
  • Sunscreen
  • Tote bag to use while at the pool and on excursions

The Frog Princess picked out some soft pants at the store, y'all and I secretly wish I could steal them. She also selected an adorable orange flowy A-line top to go with them. She will be rocking these as we embark on our first official vacation.

Packing for a cruise!No work shall be done (to which she gave me a fist pump and a YASSS). Though I did tell her I would probably be writing at night after she goes to sleep.

My goal is to write. Write, write, write. And create ridiculously amazing experiences with my girl. It will be her first trip out of the country and I am already planning a Mediterranean spring break excursion.

Don't think things aren't happening around these parts while I'm gone. We have a packed schedule of awesome next week. Do. Not. Change. The. Channel. If you do, I cannot be held responsible for what you will surely miss.

I may be sharing a few pictures here and there with the #MamiTravels hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But my social postings will be kept to a minimum. Not only will I be wearing Bohemian clothes large enough to accommodate all the food that I will surely consume, I'll be wearing a smile that will allow me to come back and continue working on all this Epic we have going on.

Have you gone somewhere this summer? Talk to me, good people!

It's The Little Things

I am moving.  I don't think I've blogged about all the reasons but, once I'm settled, I will be sure to let you know.  Suffice it to say that this year has brought MANY changes.  This will not be the hardest to get used to. I am moving into my mother's house.  Into her and dad's old room.  He is ecstatic.  And in all honesty, so am I. I have this irrational need to care for him in a way that I never have before. The feeling is comparable to what I feel for the frog princess.

I am moving...tomorrow!  Why, you ask? Well, my dad is going to be traveling and he would like me to be settled in before he goes.  He seems to think that he is the only one capable of helping me do this.  I won't spoil it for him by telling him that I am 30+ years old and contrary to popular belief, pretty self sufficient. He doesn't understand what's been taking me so long to get myself together.  Nevermind the turmoil and upsidedownness that my life is currently experiencing.

He told me yesterday he doesn't understand what the big deal is. That he can have me packed in 8 hours. What's the problem?  I tried to explain it but, it's difficult to explain to a man (and my father) that it's all about the little things.  The random papers I've stashed in the entertainment center.  The drawers and cabinets that I don't quite need but find a way to fill nonetheless.  The stash of Lord-knows-what in the guest closet.  The cabinets in the laundry room.  I could go on and on and on.

Our lives might have big things in them (the sofa, the bed, the bookcases, the desk) but ultimately, it's the little things that make up the majority of what you "have" and what fills your world.  I think houses are a metaphor for life.  Moving. Changing.  And when we are ready to move on, we look back and realize that it's the little things that have taken up much of our time and space.  And probably that which brings us the most joy.

Now if you'll excuse me.  I think I'll stop procrastinating and start packing...something.