National S'mores Day

Did you know that today is National S'mores day?! Well, consider yourself in the loop and call in to work and explain that today is a religious holiday (for us chocolate lovers). I have a confession to make: I had my very first s'more at BlogHer last week! Go ahead, laugh. Talk about how you can't believe I'm 37 35 31 and never had a s'more. I don't care! I suppose I should tell you now that I watched the Star Wars saga in proper order (1-6 not 4-6 and then 1-3 like most of you!). And, I may or may not have ever seen The Godfather.

The cool part about having my first s'more is that I was photographed throughout the experience and now here it is! My first s'mores in pictures...

I'd like to give special thanks to Samantha and Julia who were across from me during this exciting moment in my life. They guided me as to how to make the perfect s'more. Check out the little fire pot thingy that we used to roast our marshmallows. I need one of those!

And there you have it folks! My very first s'mores courtesy of the Camp Bondfire sweet (see what I did there?)!  If you want to celebrate, check out some great ideas on how to honor the tradition at Hershey's Camp Bondfire. I am looking at making my frog princess one very special s'more in the backyard while we hang out in the gazebo. Perhaps we'll get in the hammock and bask in the glory of chocolate. I'm remaining open to what the holiday will bring.

Of course, I am sure that you are now salivating for your own s'mores! Because I love you guys (and because I don't have a second address that I can lie to Hershey's about so that I can keep this for myself) I am giving away your very own s'mores basket!


Disclosure: I was given s'mores to eat as evidenced by this post. I then begged for more so the good people at Hershey's sent me a basket which I may or may not have devoured within a 24 hour period. All opinions (and calories) are my own.