Fashion Fridays: The Pink Bootie


You may or may not know that I love shoes. Though, truth be told, my shoe collection is currently under renovation. Why, you ask? I feel like I have all of these pretty shoes that I don't wear and that's just not right. Part of it is that once you get to be a certain age, you give fewer dambs about compromising comfort. I refuse to wear a beautiful shoe that hurt my feet. I have 4" heels in my closet that I haven't worn in 4 years. This has got to stop. As I'm KonMari'ing my life, I realize that I need to go ahead and keep the shoes that bring me joy (and add new ones that bring forth the same feeling.

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Today, I wanted to share my pink booties with you. Because they totally meet the new standard that I'm setting forth in my closet.


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I got these from Shoe Dazzle during one of their October sales in honor of breast cancer awareness. The Frog Princess has already asked if she could wear these when she grows up and I cringe at the thought of what's going to happen should these meet their demise before then.

Here I am wearing them a long, long time ago (as evidenced by the hair).


What do you think? What shoes are currently inspiring joy in your life?

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