Mami's Favorite Things: Shootie Girl


Have you ever come across a product that makes you want to purchase it in every single color available? That’s how I feel about Shootie Girl. Except that in this case, it wouldn’t be every color available but rather, any idea in my imagination. I find myself running across a promotion or a brand and thinking: you need a bling shirt for that! I met LaShaun at Blissdom and what a blessing that was. I had the opportunity of purchasing shirts from her as the Central Florida Latinas set out for our first event.

Nowadays I just keep a list of bling shirts that I need in my closet. Yes, I said need. Want a peek at my list? Here it goes:

  1. @MyMamihood – self explanatory as to why I’d need a t-shirt with my Twitter handle in bling on the front
  2. @MamiInkMedia – well if I have one for the blog, then I need one for the business, right?
  3. I Heart Football – because I do! This would be a shirt that I could use as part of my fantasy football league
  4. #DreamCoach – I love my dream coach job and I want to tell everyone about it. What better advertising than me, don’t you think?
  5. Mamis Rock – because we do!
  6. MacGyver – this is my AKA line name and I think it would look good in pink and green rhinestones. Oh yeah, did I mention that there’s a variety of gems to choose from?
  7. I HEART Nerds – I have a VERY OLD shirt that says this. It’s the one shirt I ALWAYS fly out of Orlando in. I haven’t not worn this shirt since I got it. It’s old. And I’m afraid I will need to replace it soon. If I don’t, I may never get on a plane again. So, what better replacement than some nerdy bling, eh?

I could continue and don’t get me started on the shirts for the frog princess:

  1. Frog Princess – duh!
  2. ‘09 Diva – Research has shown that girls born in ‘09 are divaish and spunky. So they definitely need a bling shirt for that
  3. I HEART Books – because she does and I do and that’s just how we roll
  4. #AfroPuffs – you’ve seen the pictures, this is just too fitting for words. Besides, she doesn’t have a Twitter account (yet) so a hashtag will do for now

Seriously, I could have this be my entire wardrobe. With color options and a variety of t-shirt selections, you are sure to find what you need.

Also, I love that this is a family business. The name Shootie Girl was coined by the little girls (cousins) and I think that’s just precious. What’s the definition you ask? "Confident, Creative, Intelligent and Strong. A leader, not a follower!" If that doesn’t describe me (and most of you!) I don’t know what does.

During the holidays, I think it’s important to support small businesses. What better gift this season than a personalized bling shirt for your mom, sister, daughter, grandmama, friend?

Stop by and check out Shootie Girl’s Facebook page, be sure to shop for your favorite gal in the world (PS: feel free to get me any one of the above mentioned shirts). And of course, enter the giveaway to get your very own “Moms Rock” t-shirt!!!!! You’re welcome.


If you stop by and visit my girls, let them know mami sent ya! I know this will become one of your favorite things too.

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