Mami's Favorite Things: Photobooks


I’ll get right to the point on this because if you’re like me and want a photobook, you’re going to have to well, book it and get it done ASAP so you have them for the holidays. I haven’t started any of mine. I’m blaming school although it’s probably a good way for me to procrastinate and get something productive completed. But, I digress. STOP HERE. If you are a grandparent of my child or know the grandparents and cannot keep your mouth shut, you are not allowed to read any further than this. Feel free to check out Shutterfly PhotoBooks: The Best Gift Ever, though. and. don’t. come. back. here. Thanks!

I want to do a photobook this year for the grands. I never know what to get them and short of gift wrapping my child and putting her under the tree, I think this is a pretty awesome gift (PS: I’m totally giftwrapping her when she turns like 14).

I think it’ll be the perfect Christmas gift, don’t you? It’s one of my favorite things because they are easy to create and I can do it while wearing my yoga pants and mismatched socks. Check out this cool video. It warmed my heart and I know it’ll warm yours too (have no fear, you won’t see my yoga pants in here).

So, who wants to join me in my mismatched sock heaven? Enter to win below. I have TWO photobook codes for TWO lucky ducks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Resourceful Mommy Media and Shutterfly. All photobook gift giving ideas and yoga pant references are my own.