PYHO: Thoughts Of a Single Mami

Yesterday I had a thought: I'm never going date!  And immediately I thought of Shell and Pour Your Heart Out.  Though on many days I feel very much like everything's going to be okay and God will give me just what I need, let's face it, I'm human (hard to believe, I know).  Every once in a while I begin to overanalyze, ponder and try to figure out how He's going to get it done.  Because, I mean really, God needs a project manager, right? I'm ready to date. Ready to head out there and meet someone that I can go out, connect and have fun with. I've been on a couple of dates with one particular person but, circumstances have changed and though I very much liked him, he's got some things to work out.  I was at least proud of myself that I was able to recognize this early on and step away before I got too close.

So, where do I meet a nice (not so young) man that is God-fearing, faithful, truthful, funny, supportive and loving (and who won't mind that I'm totally going to blog about him)?  I was thinking about this yesterday and realized there's no place.  Church? I'm usually busy with my date with Jesus when I'm there and tend to block everything out.  The supermarket?  The one sure way to get yourself tazed in my book is by approaching me in the parking lot while I'm with my daughter.  Sorry, I watch way too much Criminal Minds.  I'm not the going out type anymore.  I have gone to the clubs a few times in the last 6 months and I was bored and not impressed.  I'd say that I'm over the club scene.

My baby girl is almost 2 and I think about another child.  But I have no sperm.  And my eggs are aging as we speak.  Add to that the fact that I am pretty sure my endometriosis is rearing it's ugly head again and it leaves me slightly hyperventilating at the thought that I might not experience the beautiful miracle of pregnancy again.

Back to the man.  Where do I go? The thought of online dating is not at all appetizing (again, too much Criminal Minds).  Perhaps I am destined to be alone for the rest of my life.  I'm grateful for my frog princess and for my writing.  Grateful that I can concentrate on my passions.  Perhaps it's not a bad thing. I just wonder sometimes if, now that I am on the other side of 35 and I have a child, dating/marriage/another child is out of the question.

For single mamis out there, what's your take on this topic?