Getting In The Spirit

I've been trying my best to get in the spirit of the season.  Mostly though, I've been concentrating on the decorating and the community projects. I've been too busy hyperventilating over clutter, the kitchen remodel and the closet system that has yet to go up to really start feeling it. This morning I realized I had no idea what I was getting the frog princess for Christmas.  And then I realized that Christmas is very near by.  Don't judge me, I am a visionary and always thinking that there is more time for stuff than there really is (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The tree is up, the lights outside are not.  My mother's grave has been festively adorned with poinsettias (in two colors) along with some holly.  Ditto for grandma.  I am feeling the reason for the season deep inside of my heart.  But I've been looking for something that will make it bubble over.

Then, late last week I saw this video.  It stirred something inside of me. This morning, I watched it again.  Shortly afterwards, I was online loading up several virtual carts with items for the frog princess and smiling.  Ah! There it is!  I don't know if you can watch this video without feeling "it".  Without it making you smile.  Without it, perhaps, making you tear up.  And, if you can watch this video and not feel the Christmas spirit bubble over then, my friend, we have bigger problems to deal with (I have the names of some really cool therapists that you might want to talk to, not that I've ever needed them or anything).

Are you in the spirit?  If not, watch this and answer the question again...

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