Teach Her Tuesday: Reading with Bob


I am an ex-Scholastic employee. I loved working at that place. Loved being able to say that what I did helped kids becoming lifelong learners. The Frog Princess has had a library since before she was born. Books are important to us for many reasons. But man, I was a nervous wreck when I wondered how this teaching to read thing would work.

I'm blessed in that she has amazing teachers. But as always, I feel that her education is my responsibility. So, after talking to the teachers last spring, I got my sight words together and bought my first box of Bob Books.

I can't say enough about them. I opted to buy the Sight Words box knowing that they had some of the others in her classroom. I recently added Rhyming Words to our repertoire and each afternoon, the Frog Princess selects a book and reads it to me.

It's a joy to watch her understand. To watch her watch me as she reads. There's something magical about books and I don't think I'll ever find the right words to describe it.

For me, Bob Books takes the questions out of my mind. The first box we got came with ready made sight words to help the kids read the books in the box. As you progress, you can just grab the next box in the line.

Reading is a huge milestone in my mind. As I help her find her place in the world of books, I'm so grateful that I can use the Bob Books as stepping stones to the world of reading!

Do you have a favorite go to book/resource to help get kids reading?

Disclosure: I was given the Rhyming Words box by Bob Books after an exchange on social media. All opinions and love of reading are purely my own. Links to the books are affiliate links on Amazon and I hope to make a whole $.025 from them. Carry on, readers. Carry on.