The Different Faces of Barbie

Barbie has sure changed since I was a little girl! Gone are the days when Barbie only came in blond hair and blue eyes. Today's Barbie shows young girls that they can come in different skin tones, hair colors and hair styles and they are all so beautiful! 

Of course, Barbie's Fashionista line still includes all the things we love the beautiful outfits and accessories. But  they don't all look alike, quite the contrary. Some have red hair, brown hair, long hair, short hair, curly hair too! Fair skin, olive skin, black skin and hues in between... Mattel has done a great job at incorporating diverse looks in this Fashionista line. I wish they had been around when I was little! I would have bought them all! 
Barbie's Fashionista line is available now, they retail at ONLY $9.99. 
Which one is your favorite?