Tell Mom How Special She is with Hallmark

This will be my third mother's day without mami. And yet I have so many new mamis to celebrate that I am sure I'll be riding that wave of grief yet again. Fortunately, I have Hallmark to help me through it. I received a small selection of their Mother's Day products so I could tell you all about them.

I have an addiction to Hallmark. Because I have an addiction to words and they manage to put words into beautiful packages that make it possible for me to send off a little piece of my heart in an envelope. That's always how I've thought of it. As my emotions go up and down during this time, I can make sure that my friends and family understand that through it all, they are loved.

Their collection this season does not disappoint. The biggest surprise for me? Their Simply Motherhood Greetings. Why? See for yourself.

 They look fresh and simple. The glitter around the border didn't hurt either. Their message is still heartfelt but the package seems light and fun, don't you think? I have people in mind already for these.

The Signature Collection features sophisticated and stylish greetings handcrafted with beautiful papers, rich textures and appealing embellishments. Also, awesome messages. Can't you just see your BFF telling you this on Mother's Day? The only thing that's missing is the big exclamation point at the end.

Then there are the magic prints which I kinda dig. Each Magic Prints frame comes with a mess-free Crayola® Magic Mitt ink applicator. When a child places his or her hand on the paper, their handprint appears, revealing a colorful pattern or message within the handprint.  Doesn't that sound cute?

The best part is that they have frames and cards. Check out how they work:

The most beautiful, ornate cards are part of Hallmark's Premium Classic Greetings. These greetings feature eye-catching premium designs with sparkle, shine, laser-cut patterns and bold colors that express messages of love and appreciation.

It is here that I pause because the expressions of love for my mami will have to go un-mailed. That first year, I couldn't even go to a Hallmark. This is the first year that I've been able to actually pick up a card and read it.

The messages are beautiful. I'm glad that I never paused to buy her a Hallmark card (from their Sinceramente collection). Happy that I was always able to find that  perfect card with that perfect look that delivered that perfect message. It goes back to cards being a small piece of your heart in the mail.

Whether you have a favorite collection or not (I love all listed here as well as the Mahogany collection), I sure do hope that you tell your mami how special she is and that if you're a mami you feel that from those around you. And I hope you use Hallmark as a vessel to share the love.

To that end, I'm here to help you out. Please enter below to win your very own "Tell Mom Gift Pack". Good luck!

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Disclosure: Hallmark provided me with samples of product and will be providing the winner with the gift pack. All opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own.