Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences With the Power of 3

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences With the Power of 3

The funny thing about the 21st century is that we’re finding more and more definitions for things that have always existed. I think that, in the long run, this will help us put so much of our lives into a better perspective.

Take the term ACEs. I first heard the term Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, while working at MomsRising in the context of our Early Learning work. I was intrigued by this subject, so when I had a chance to take part in a meeting about ACEs with the Centers for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a few of my fave influencers, I jumped at the chance.

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How To Get #LuminousSkin In the Summer

[box type="shadow" ]This is part of a product review campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and JERGENS; complimentary products were provided.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.[/box] Looking through my son's first birthday pictures sent me running, literally. The chubby person looking back at me looked nothing like me. I promised myself I would get back in shape, so for the past month I've been walking daily. I've slowly worked my way to 5 miles a day, all of which are done in the sun.


After the first week I noticed how dry my skin was from the exposure to the sun. At first I thought using more of my usual lotion would do, but I soon found out that wasn't enough. Even when applying lotion several times a day, my skin was dry and ashy. Among lots of things I tried the old go-to remedy, cocoa butter. It was too thick. I felt like I was covered in grease (I was) and my skin felt sticky. Not the most comfortable feeling while you are out jogging, in the heat and you start to sweat, believe me.

The more I got into my walking/jogging the more evident it became that I had to take extra measures to stay hydrated. I live in Atlanta, where the summers are merciless on dry skin. So I started looking for easy things I could do to hydrate my body and skin more effectively. I needed to be able to tackle that daily 5 and still have energy to raise my 1 year old, manage our home and our new business. After trial and error I found some things that have been helpful in keeping me hydrated in and out.


Most of the items that I've found helpful are made by Mother Nature.

My items are variations of fruits and veggies (citrus, melons and mango are favorites), lots of h2o (fruit infused water is great, best of both worlds!!!!), coconut water, sugar scrubs for the rough skin patches, and my newfound moisturizers Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream and Jergens Shea Beauty Oil.

The packages boasts in bold letters "5 VISIBLE RESULTS IN 5 DAYS" and "Beautifies for 6x more radiance, sheen and hydration".... SIX TIMES!!!!!! And they used my word of the month HYDRATION. I couldn't wait to try it. I noticed a difference right away. This isn't your regular lotion. Jergens means business with this product. My skin felt much softer from the first application. The lotion is thick and has a pleasant but faint scent that can be combined with your favorite perfume or body splash. It absorbs fast and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, like butter. I can honestly say I don't remember the last time my skin was this soft or looked this good.

The Shea Beauty Oil is icing on an already delicious cake. It is multipurpose. I use it to give my arms and legs a sheen when I wear a dress or skirt or just because. My husband uses it on his face as a moisturizer and to massage my sore legs. It is the perfect texture, absorbing into your skin without leaving an oily residue. It has a sweet, clean smell scent that I've been complemented on. I gladly tell them what it is, why keep this a secret? After all, sharing is caring.

Are you keeping your skin healthy this summer? Be sure to visit the Jergens site for more information products and how you can achieve your own luminous skin!

Disclosure: This is part of a product review campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and JERGENS; complimentary products were provided.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Minding Your Health, Digitally


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Aetna Foundation.[/box] You know I'm all about technology. Not just because I pink puffy hear you guys and technology is what brought us together. It generally makes my life easier.

I was recently super impressed when I went to my pediatrician's office and saw the nurses and doctor with a tablet, taking all information digitally. Of course, I asked about it. This was taking a little getting used to, said the pediatrician. But it's the way to go.

I felt the effects of it immediately. A couple of clicks and my prescription was at the local pharmacy which meant I wouldn't have to drop off and head back later for pick up. When you have a sick child and especially when it would mean having to pack her back up in the car to drive back to grab meds, that convenience seems like a God send.

More than that, having this new system in place meant that I had to carry ZERO paperwork from the ENT, to the hospital, to my pediatrician and back when my girl had her tonsillectomy. And then I had access to all kinds of information from the hospital system. Appointments, access to contact the doctor's office electronically, it was great. It's one of those things that we don't think about but once we have it we can appreciate the value.

I think this trend will continue. And I'm glad that the Aetna Foundation’s Digital Health Initiative supports the use of digital health technology among vulnerable and minority populations and addresses public health concerns.

Check out this infographic:


The more accessible the information, the more we will use it, in my opinion. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely applicable to our health. I think that having access to this information will translate to us taking better care of ourselves.

But how is this all going to happen especially in underrepresented populations? Well, the Aetna Foundation announced more than $1.2 million in grants to support the use of digital health technology. This includes mobile health and is targeted to minority populations.

These grants are part of a larger $4 million, three-year digital health commitment from the Aetna Foundation for the implementation and evaluation of technology innovations to help address public health concerns.


I think this can change so much. We see it day to day but maybe don't think about it as digital health. Tracking our workouts, what we eat, etc. Technology is affecting how we take care of ourselves. In a good way. It's that extra motivator because it gives you a sense of accountability even if you are doing things on your own.

I think digital health technology opens the door to more health education which in turn will point us the tools to stay healthy. We have information in the palm of our hands, literally.

Obviously, I'm all in with this. Email, text, mobile tracking, etc. But the beauty is that you can start from whatever your comfort level allows.

Do you use digital health technology? If you don't, do you see yourself using it in the future? And if you do, are you finding more ways to use it?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Aetna Foundation.

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Planning For My #HispanicDream


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of MassMutual and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.[/box] I am going to make a confession. I try not to think about my financial future. It's not that I don't care. Being an entrepreneurial mami has meant that I have had to take some leaps of faith and some calculated risk in order to secure my family. Not just financially but to ensure that I also have the time for them. As I've often said, success for me these days has little to do with how much money I make.

But I think about it. Knowing that I have to start creating some long term plans as I build the foundation for my business. So, of course, this MassMutual survey comes along right when I'm set on NOT thinking about this stuff. This, my friends, is what I like to call "a nudge" from the universe.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company conducted their third biennial State of the American Family Study. This study offers a snapshot of Americans' views on finances. The following three points stand out to me:

  • Paying off debt. More than half (57 percent) of Hispanics prioritize paying off their mortgage as a top financial priority and nearly half (46 percent) prioritize getting out of credit card debt – significantly greater than the general population.
  • Focusing on a college education. Nearly half (49 percent) of Hispanics claim that paying for their children’s college education is something they insist on doing, yet only 31 percent rank savings/investing in their children’s college education as a top priority.
  • Educating children about finances. Close to half (47 percent) of Hispanics are actively involved in educating children about finances and 79 percent recognize it is important in order to ensure their success in the future. Perhaps this emphasis is because 36 percent of adults wish their own parents had taught them more about money.


Yes, Lawd! These are some of the things that keep me up at night. College for my girl, as I give my school loans the side eye, is definitely something I think of often.

Reading through some of the findings on the Mass Mutual State of the American Family site has reminded me of all of these not so little (I'd use the word gigantus!) concerns. It has reminded me of my desire to not put my financial burdens or retirement questions on my child.

Nest_EggHaving come to this country with my parents, I got to see first hand the financial sacrifices that were made in order to push me forward. Though I will always be grateful for what my parents did for me, it is my hope that I will be able to pass down to my child knowledge of finances and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that her Mami has planned for her future.

That is my Hispanic dream.

Did these findings resonate with you? What are some of the things that keep you awake at night regarding your financial future?

Stylin' With Kleenex

[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]This is a sponsored post. All opinions, lack of decorating and cool Kleenex boxes are all my own.[/box]YSL_Fashion_Quote I have this idea that my house will look a certain way. One day. It probably will never happen though. But there are days when all I want is to see a bright spot in the house, a touch of flowers, some bold colors perhaps.

Enter Kleenex. I know, I know. You're probably thinking, really? Yes. Really. First of all, I have a four year old in preschool. This means that I run through more than your average amount of tissues. She's at the "I want to blow my own nose" stage which means it takes her double the tissues to do half the job.

And with me trying to wear make up on a regular basis well, let's just say I might have a box in every room (tidbit: did you know that  Kleenex started out as facial tissue for removing makeup).

But now I don't have to buy some of those tissue holders that cover up the box. Oh no. I get to display a little bit of art wherever I like. With new Kleenex styles that fit whatever your style or mood I get to use an item I need and turn it into one that I like.

I have an interesting house. Having moved into my mom's house after she passed, I can travel through about 4 different decorating styles simply by walking through the different rooms. The cool thing is that I can now find a box that fits the style to fit each room. Check it out:

Delight & Discovery with Citrus Lane (Review & Giveaway)


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane[/box] The Frog Princess is on a road trip with her dad well on her way to South Carolina. Have you ever traveled with a child? Of any age. My biggest concern when doing so is making sure that I have enough for her to do during the hours in the car. I have found that, even though she likes movies and music, those things don't necessarily hold her attention for long while we are traveling (ironic, ain't it?).

Not a big believer in coincidences, all I could do was smile when I received my Citrus Lane box in the mail this month. Why you ask? It was travel themed!

Citrus Lane

What's Citrus Lane, Mami?


Well, I'm glad you asked. Long story short: it's awesomeness in a box. You want more, don't you? Citrus Lane is an award-winning subscription service that delivers a box full of creativity, fun and discovery to your door every month. The boxes are for newborns up to age 5.


Inside you can find toys, books, snacks and personal care items. My box contained a reusable lunch box that was subsequently packed with the cool items needed for the Frog Princess on her trip: yogurt, juice, chocolate milk, etc.

It also contained a doodle pad for the trip and my favorite thing from the box? Beeswax crayons. I know, I'm a sucker for these things, what can I say?

Citrus Lane_Crayons

I may or may not have used these in order to "test" them for my child. I take this parenting job seriously, folks!

Does Citrus Lane Offer Anything Else?

The short answer is yes! The better answer (because it's about me and solves my problem) is that they recently launched the Citrus Lane Shop. It is stocked with great products that I know I personally have been looking for (I have been on the hunt for luggage for the frog princess and voila! I found it here!).

I Like It! Now What?

I'm going to give you a chance to win a voucher for $25 to Citrus Lane, that's what! Check out the Rafflecopter below and tell me: what would you buy from the Citrus Lane Shop if you won? Feel free to pick something out for me the Frog Princess.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane. New customers who purchase a subscription will receive $10.00 off their first month with code BLOGPOST. Expires 12/31/2013.

Offer Terms: Discount may only be applied to subscriptions purchased by new Citrus Lane customers. It cannot be applied to gift subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew to full retail price, $25 per month. You may cancel anytime.

For more information, visit

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An Ode to More


[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.[/box] During this holiday season I find myself wanting more, y'all. Don't get me wrong. I am incredibly and ridiculously BLESSED with all I have and all I receive. But inevitably, as I stretch myself thin, I find myself thinking of what I'd do if I had 25% more of ____. That blank could be so much.

I think the number one thing I think people would want (forgive me for speaking on your behalf) is time. With tight schedules and calendars full of meetings, I think we would all like 25% more time. I'm going to straight up fantasize and think that perhaps I would rest if I had 25% more hours in the day.

The next thing I think people would want would be 25% more money. Oh yeah! Paying off that school loan, that big screen for the family room, gadgets galore and Lawd knows what else would be on the slate.  Actually, if I had 25% more money I'd probably get a massage. I was promised a spa day in May and have yet to receive one so, I think a 90 minute massage (with a 25% increase) would be one of the most beautiful gifts evah!

But, as I think about it and ponder, I felt a little poetry growing from my words. So without further ado, I give you:

An Ode to More...

What would you do if you had more? What would you like to get? During this season of constant rush What would not make you fret?

Would you adore a simple break And skip the laundry duties Perhaps no dinner would you cook Or maybe wipe no booties?

Would a higher grade make the mark On your list for a bit more? Or a little more TV time? to catch up on zombie gore?

Would time be good to satisfy? Or would money work out best? Perhaps an increase in dessert? Or an A on that last test?

Lastly I wonder about the drinks 25% more rum? Or just a bit more Cottonelle to clean your little bum?


I don't know about you but I am expecting about 35 people for Christmas Eve dinner and I know that I will be equipping all bathrooms with Cottonelle. Why, you ask? Who wants to be changing toilet paper rolls in the middle of a dance-a-thon? Not me! This is where that whole "25% more sheet per roll" comes in handy!

Cottonelle_PinterestAnd as if giving you the gift of 25% more for the holidays isn't enough, well, how about a little Pinteresting giveaway? You can enter from now until December 20. Every. Single. Day. I do not lie, go check it out and see for yourself.

"Sili, what's in it for me?", you might be asking. Oh not much. Just a little $100 AMEX gift card that you can use to buy me that massage I need. Or whatever. You have a chance to win daily, people. What would you get with an extra Benjamin in your gift card repertoire?

Winners will be announced daily on the SITSGirls Facebook page.

So...what would you do and what would you pick to get 25% more of?

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