Thankful Part I: Cyber Sisterfriends

(continuing with mushy month) I love women! I didn't always. I'm sure you know that women can sometimes be...what's the word? Well there are several that you can insert here. Bitchy being the first. Anywho, I have come to appreciate women the older I get. Now that I have a child, I enter into a special sisterhood that has welcomed me with open arms.

Social media has allowed us to connect with people that we generally would never have met. I like to always think that every connection we make is for a purpose and as I meet new people, I realize how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity to connect. The best connections I've made are with friends of friends.

Margaret (yes, girl, I'm putting you out there) is a friend of my boy Marc. I met her on FB. She has been so supportive through my pregnancy and this first year with the frog princess. She feels like family. She is there to give me something to laugh about or to pray for me. I can't tell you what that has meant.

And then there is Tia (who is actually the reason I was inspired to write this). She is Alysha's bestie. I've known Aly for years and she holds such a special place in my heart (I consider her my sister from another mister). Now I have the honor of knowing some great women in her life. This morning, I got a beautiful picture of the newest addition to her family, Miss Sade, born late last night. I am so connected to her through the distance. When I saw the photo, my heart welled up with love for this person that I have yet to physically hug. We texted throughout the day yesterday as she was going through labor (like me, Tia has had her phone surgically attached to her hand). I feel so blessed to know her. Aly also brought me Yery who we figured out is actually a distant cousin of mine! Talk about 6 degrees! We have a special connection though we've never met face to face.

Sisterfriends come in all shapes, sizes and ways. But I think that the most special way is still through what we write, who we know and where we "hang out" in cyberspace. I feel connected to so many women because of this blog. You too have now become a sisterfriend. And this Thanksgiving I am thankful for you.

Have you made a special connection to someone that has made a big difference in your life? Send them a note and let them know. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!