Have You Ever Flipped?

Have you ever flipped on love?  Do you remember your first crush?  Next week marks the release of Flipped on DVD.  I will admit I have not seen the movie but I will tell you, I LOVE this book. It's been a few years since I read it but I still remember all the buzz around the office for this book.  First, the cover was adorable (and anyone who tells you to not judge a book by its cover has never worked in the book industry!).  And second, the story got right to your heart because we all know at least one side of what this feels like.  I was excited when I heard this was going to be a movie and bummed when, in all of the madness of this first year of mamihood, I missed it in theaters. I am trying to make up for this now.  Thinking about the book and the movie brought on thoughts about my first love. I thought I would share it with you and perhaps, you would be so kind as to share yours as well.  If you do, you will be entered in my very first giveaway!  You could win your very own copy of the movie Flipped!  But first, I want to read them all!  I am sure it will be better than mine as mine is a little tragic.  If I had to pick a name for my story I'd call it: The Laying On of Hands.  Here it goes...

His name was Jose.  I was at PS 153 and he was my boyfriend.  He courted me in Kindergarten but I was a little busy learning a new language.  I started paying attention to him in the first grade.  I was a rock star back then.  Participating in all of the school plays and events.  With long dark hair and I am sure a little more attitude than the other kids.  Everyone knew we were an item.  We held hands sometimes but mostly, we just told people we liked each other.  If you remember way back when, this was of utmost importance and really the only thing you needed in order to make a relationship official (oh how easy life would've been if this rule stayed in place through adulthood!).

In 2nd grade I think other girls were sweating him but, I was strong and confident.  Unbeknownst to me, he was not.  Enter that fateful day.  We were on the playground.  I was off with the girls somewhere and he was off with the boys (and all was right with the world).  Suddenly, drama erupts.  I hear a cackle of girls coming over to tell me that someone told Jose that I liked another boy (I later found out it was my arch nemesis, Veronica who obviously wanted to disrupt my bliss!).  I don't even remember the name of the kid that I was accused of liking but I can assure you, I only had eyes for my Jose!  Apparently, Jose only had eyes for me too.  But, he also had hands.

Out of nowhere there's a rush of kids (you remember how this could be when something was going on at the playground, locusts were less organized).  They swarmed on me and I was in the middle.  Jose in a rage over hearing that I had betrayed our relationship did the unthinkable.  He hit me.  In the face!  I was stunned.  I was embarrassed.  I was no longer in love.  I had officially flipped.

His 2nd grade teacher gave him a what for and from what I heard later on, called his parents.  He was told under no uncertain terms by his male teacher that a girl is never to be hit.  But, the damage was already done.  I didn't really speak to him after that.  Ever.  He lived in my building and I'm trying to remember how that dance played out what with us having mutual friends and our parents knowing each other.  I seem to distantly recall that my parents weren't close to them but I don't know if that was always the case or if this is what kicked started it).  I moved on.  And I swore that I was never going to experience that again.  I never wanted to feel that way, ever.

Thinking back, perhaps this is why I loved the book Flipped so much.  It gave me a new story to think about when it came to first love.  The tenderness of the characters almost hurts and I certainly hope this was captured in the movie.  And let's face it, some of the stuff that happens to us during that stage in life is just plain funny (now).  I love Juli's carefree character.  She reminds me a little of Spinelli's Stargirl.

Now that you have read my depressing story of my first young love, let me hear your more cheery stories about your first love as a child.  And, if you should want to take a read, visit my Amazon Store and purchase a copy of Flipped either in book or in DVD format (or both!).

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