The Importance Of Placement In Life And Cirque


Prologue: A few months I was hosted by Disney Springs to hang out, see the sights and tell you all about it. It was a great time. But, during that experience, I had an ah-ha moment. I wrote about it and, as with so many thoughts and feelings, it's been sitting in drafts. I wanted to get this up during the month of December in honor of this being the last month of performances of La Nouba at Disney Springs. I've seen La Nouba several times. The first time, I'd won the President's All-Star Award at my job and it called for a few days with all of the winners from across the country. I was in awe. The performance was magical.

I've seen it I think 3 other times since. One of those times, it was a nerve wracking show. I'm not sure what was going on but there were several mishaps that had me wanting to stop the show myself. I've always wondered if something had happened before the performance to unnerve the cast. But, no one got hurt and there was always something there to keep the show going and keep the performers safe.

This last time, I was with the Frog Princess. I watched the performance through her eyes. It did not disappoint! But, as the show went on, I started noticing something. While each act would take the main stage, not everyone would be off stage. At one point, I noticed that Les Cons were just hanging out in a patterned way. And suddenly, a light bulb went off.

While the main act is performing, everyone else has a role. It's not a role that you would immediately get, unless something went wrong. You see, Les Cons (and the Clowns, the Titan, and others) are there for a reason. If everything goes smoothly in the performance, you will never understand the purpose.

It is when something goes wrong that we realize the importance of their presence. Because, in reality, they are there specifically to support. Should a mishap take place, someone has already been assigned to stand, sometimes quite literally, in the gap.

[Tweet "See, sometimes we're the main act and sometimes we are the supporting cast."]

They are vital to the show. Without them, the main acts would not have the security and assurances that they need in order to perform their amazing feats. From the outside, you just see folks wandering. You might ask what they're doing there. Maybe your eye catches them and you end up missing a really amazing acrobatic move and you get annoyed with yourself for letting something distract you.

But in essence, the show happens because they are there. It runs smoothly because they move and perform in such a way that seems artistic, matter-of-fact and completely devoid of attachment to that thing that's happening. They appear to be watchers, just like us. But, the main acts know better. They are a well-oiled team. One takes the center stage only because the other takes the sideline.

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It made me think of friendships. Of people that hold me down. Of people that I help support. And the whole damn thing just came full circle in such a way that made me lament the departure of this beautiful show even more.

See, sometimes we're the main act and sometimes we are the supporting cast. In both cases, we matter. We have to be careful that we don't fall into spaces where we feel as if we don't or as if we are always holding the net. I thoroughly enjoy being in the supporting role. I think supporting others is one of my life's purpose. But, I've learned (the hard way) that sometimes, people around me don't understand this dynamic or have honored the mutual respect that should flow easily between people in these relationships.

It's funny how things affect us, right? Interesting how we can watch the same thing (or read the same book) several times and wean something different each time. I call it growth.

Later on after the show, I reached out to a few of my friends. My spiritual connections that hold the ropes to the nets under me when I am swinging from the rafters. They told me I should write about it. So here I am.

The last show will be on December 31st. I want to try and make my way back to see it one last time and see what else I catch while the magic fills the stage. If you're in the area, I hope you get a chance to see it before the final curtain falls.

I promise, you won't be disappointed.