Back-to-School Means Back to Disney (Springs)

Disclosure: We had the pleasure of being hosted by Disney in order to experience the fabulous new shops, dining and entertainment options right in our back yard. All opinions (and swooning) are purely my own. Last week I had the grand pleasure of heading over to Disney's Beach Club Resort for a few days. It was just what the doctor ordered. After a summer of surgery and recovery, you can imagine I've done little in the form of R&R OR shopping. The Frog Princess has been reluctant to leave my side (even passing up on art camp).

I wanted to do something special for her and wouldn't you know it, I can always count on Disney to help me deliver the magic. Unbeknownst to her, I'd invited her BFF to come along with us (her mom & I are super close as well so, this works out PERFECTLY for us). On the day of, we met up and I scooped up my other child and off we went! I love these two!

After checking in, we sauntered over to Typhoon Lagoon where we spent way too much time chillaxing in the lazy river and talking about books, summer and the new school year. Afterward, we made our way back to the hotel for more pool time because, is there anything better than chilling in the water on a Florida summer day?


Let me preface this by saying that, I'm ashamed. As a local, I sometimes get stuck in my ways and don't venture past the places I'm used to going. As a local with annual passes to Disney World, I get stuck in the loop of heading to the parks and nothing else. Disney Springs has SOOO much to offer, y'all. I didn't realize 80% of these venues were there. HOW SWAY?!?

As we were watching a short presentation letting us know about all the things we'd been missing out on, the Frog Princess turns to me and says "I literally feel like I'm about to faint!" I shared her excitement.

With over 150 venues, Disney Springs brings all the things in one place. I love the atmosphere, I love the entertainment, I love the foods!

We hopped, skipped and jumped into stores like UNIQLO, World of Disney (of course), and LittleMissMatched because you already know the Sock Princess is about to make a comeback.

My girl and I enjoyed heading over to Zara and Sephora and made a note to head back without the minis next time for some big girl fashion, flavors and fun! We also side eyed each other with a "why hadn't we done this before" look. But guess what? Now we know! And we will definitely be back.

With the Frog Princess going to a school with no uniforms this year, I'd been stressing a bit about clothes. Levi's and UNIQLO came to the rescue, though.

Side note: we HAVE to make a return trip to the Levi's store because the Frog Princess wants a customized jean jacket and couldn't decide what she wanted on it. Thankfully, our boy Jonathan was super patient with us as we made our purchases and will definitely see us again for that one-of-a-kind item (and seriously, I think I need one too). Also: see what NYC looks like at Disney Springs!


La Nouba will be getting its very own post soon because I have all. the. feels. over the performance at the moment but I did want to note that YOU HAVE TIL DECEMBER 31st TO GO SEE THEM. They will go away after that and I don't think I can deal with that reality at the moment.

If you find yourself at Disney Springs and in need of some fun and food, I hope you'll head on over to Splitsville. It's right across from the movie theater (the old heads will remember this as the Virgin Records Store). Y'all, you can order sushi while you bowl! That's all I'm going to say about that.

I was reminded of this little fun fact about Sili: she owns her own ball and shoes AND she's been known to bowl in a cape.

This kid needs more exposure to that Sili, y'all. and she's going to get it.

I love finding new places to go and I love it even more when it's right in my backyard. Rest assured that I'll be doing my best to visit as many of those 150 venues as I can! If you're around and looking for a place to shop, look no further. If you are planning to visit the area, I am going to highly recommend that you block out a day (or two) to check out Disney Springs. You won't be disappointed.