The Potty Papers: Epilogue

If I had delusions that my baby girl was NOT growing up, they have now been summarily dismissed. I have been putting off writing about this about this because, with it comes the realization that the little 6 lb 4.4 oz little bundle that I carried in my belly is now well on her way to early childhood.

It is my pleasure to announce that for the last few weeks the frog princess has been sleeping in her undies. And though I positively adore Pampers I am happy to say that we are a diaper free home now!

How exactly did this happen and why am I sad over it? I remember I couldn't wait to get her potty trained. Ya'll remember, don't you?

I am sad because time is moving faster than I care to admit.  Wasn't I just pregnant with her? I look back and see that it was three years ago this month that I found out I was having a girlchild.  THREE YEARS!

And now all I am left with are beautiful images of my little bundle and that same spirit that she's always had.

On her first day at home and that same outfit next to her last size of diapers. Wow.

The Scoop on Potty Training:

I started doing this in May when I knew she would be going to school. While I used the "one day potty training" method, let me tell you, it's not all done in one day. But, as I'm sure you've heard, the key is consistency. Once I figured out that her Easy Ups were keeping her from figuring out when she was wet and keeping me from being consistent, everything changed.

Okay so, I'm here to tell you that we still have timing issues with the poop. This was definitely the hardest thing to get her to tell us. It still is. And then it's so sad (and cute) to hear her tell us: I'm so, so sorry (with a slight lisp, hands together head bowed and puppy eyes staring at you with a slight pout of the lips - this chick should be on TV!).

Just last Sunday she pooped in her pants rather than miss out on fun (I will never understand this). The first time she pooped in the big girl potty she told me she was scared. Who is scared of not having poop up against their bottom, I ask? Apparently, all toddlers. Who knew? This was also her way of keeping control. There were a couple of times that she held it for a couple of days. Don't panic if this is happening to you.

Some pretty awesome docs recommended that I just give her foods that would make her poop. I found dried blueberries to be the magic pill and now keep her eating them regularly for, well, regularity.

If you are just starting on this potty training journey, welcome and DON'T GIVE UP!  One day very soon you'll look back at the diaper days and actually think back on them fondly. That is, until you actually have to change another diaper.  How were your potty training experiences?

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