Time and Being Present {#Mamis40to40}


(I wrote this on my phone as I was boarding my plane in Houston, at approximately some hour which I do not recall)


It is all about time. What we've spent, what we are eating up, what we might not have.


These last few months, as I have struggled to create more space for peace, I have been failing to be as present as I'd like to be. It's the problem with working at home. At least in part. It is also the fact that I have lived under the delusion that I can do it all. Which inevitably reminds me of Oprah's quote:

"You can have it all. Just not all at once." - Oprah

I think  if I had to do a spin on that quote, I'd say that recently I realized: You can DO it all, just not all at once.


And so I downshifted this past week for a few days. Truth be told, there wasn't a ton of Vegas-like behavior. I enjoyed days filled with food, friendship and a little shopping.


On my last day in Vegas, I read about Oren's passing and reread this post regarding his diagnosis.


That post broke my heart all over again but also served as a reminder to put things down definitively so I am better able to appreciate what I pick up next.


Hope all that made sense. I'm typing this from the boarding line in Houston and the subsequent wait in my seat on the plane.


I'm tired and need a nap (who's idea was it to create red eyes?). But when I get home, I plan on taking a bath, taking a nap and taking the time to be present.


Tell me, is your time sufficient or do you always feel like you need more?