Tiny Babies, Big Hearts

Disclosure: Sili is a Pampers Baby Board ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are the writer's own. Less than a month ago, my son turned four years old. He has an amazing smile that lights up a room and an infectious giggle. I affectionately call him “fat foot” because of the size of his feet. Four years ago, he entered the world kicking and screaming at 4 pounds 10 ounces, and 7 weeks early. We had no choice due to my blood pressure spiking and a sudden onset of preeclampsia. Something I knew nothing about until then, as I was diagnosed a few short days before he was delivered.

My husband and I always planned to have two kids. We ended up with two beautiful boys, both preemies. My oldest was 5 weeks early. But there was a time I began to think that we may not be able to fulfill our wish of growing our family. We had two pregnancy losses, both less than a year apart.

I can’t describe how hard the loss feels, with my hopes and dreams that I carried with me as soon as I saw those two pink lines on the home pregnancy test. I can’t describe the disappointment felt after hearing that my babies were not going to make it. But it made me that much more determined and hopeful. Now we have not one, but two beautiful babies that I am blessed to watch grow.


Four years ago, I was lying in a hospital bed concerned for him, was he going to be ok? Would he have any developmental delays? And of course, the big question: When was I going to be able to take him home? I knew that although he was born while in the third trimester, he would still have a stay in the NICU. I wasn’t sure how long that stay would be, it was all up to him on how well he did.

He looked like a little doll and his feet were so tiny! He didn’t let his size hold him back. He stayed in the NICU for 9 whole days, because although he was little, he was fierce! During his hospital stay, all he wore was his hospital blanket and his Pampers preemie diapers. You never know if an emergency arose quickly, no need for unnecessary clothing that could get in the way!

With his small size, he exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was so hard to go home and have to visit him every evening once my husband came home from work for an hour or two. My mom guilt was strong; I was able to be with my oldest in the hospital for 12 hours straight daily during his NICU stay. This time around, I was still struggling with my extreme swelling from my preeclampsia and my high blood pressure. I couldn’t drive and I couldn’t stay more than an hour or so. But at least during that time I was able to hold him, touch is so important for new babies, especially preemies!

I trusted the NICU nurses were doing an amazing job at keeping him healthy and strong. They are the experts! And that’s why Pampers asked a panel of NICU nurses their thoughts when it came to developing their new Size P-3 diaper, their smallest diaper yet. Now babies that weigh as little as 1 pound can be given the comfort of Pampers diapers and that touch of love they very much need.

Thanks to medical breakthroughs, preemie babies have a higher survival rate than ever before.  And to honor all these little, but fierce little fighters, Pampers and March of Dimes have partnered to launch a “Touches of Love” campaign. Throughout Prematurity Awareness Month this November, they are inviting you to share pictures of your baby’s #touchesoflove moments with @Pampers via Facebook and Twitter, and @PampersUS on Instagram For every post, using #touchesoflove, Pampers will make a donation to March of Dimes*.


*Up to a maximum of 5,000 posts. In addition, a set donation of $100,000 will be made.