Tips For a Safe Summer


Disclosure_Image The summers of my youth were spent frolicking on an island. And my frolicking I mean getting eaten up by mosquitos while I made memories.

I remember being packed up with all a child would need in the summer. But, I don't know if I saw any mosquito repellent. I think at some point some was packed but it seemed I had that "sweet blood" and I'd inevitably find myself itching up a storm in the hot weather. Never a good combination.


These days, when I go anywhere with the Frog Princess, I pack up the holy trinity: sunscreen, mosquito repellent & a small first aid kit. You can make these yourself with a little container or craft box. In it I keep bandaids and antibiotic ointments that can be used in case of cuts or scraped while we're out.

Of course, when I'm going somewhere far from home, I also bring my fever kit along which includes ibuprofen, acetaminophen and the thermometer.

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I will confess that I spent about 20 minutes in front of the sun care shelves trying to figure out what is the best sunscreen/sunblock to use. Between SPF, UVA & UVB, I was lost in an alphabet soup! WHY LAWD, WHY?!?


Ever wonder what those are? I've done all this work so, of course I'm sharing! Ok, I totally lied.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson worked it out and broke it all the way down so that you are knowledgeable and aware of what's happening. The short story? You need protection from both UVA and UVB so make sure you pick up a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Oh and why is it that I'd never actually thought to get sun-protective clothing? I know I sent my little nephew a cute onesie that was just for that purpose but I never think that I can just grab a few things for the Frog Princess. And hats, folks! Hats are important!

We went on a road trip to Hilton Head recently and for the first time in the mosquito history of my life, I did not get bitten up. Sadly, my child did. Why, you ask? Because we went out and the mosquito repellent was packed in my bag. So this is my reminder to you that you should put your repellents out and where you won't forget them. I now throw a small bottle in my bag so that I am always ready. Skin protection is so important.

If you think I have it all together because of this post, you'd be all kinds of wrong. I took a little moment for self-care the other day and headed to the pool where I thought I had all of my handy dandy tools.

Til the Frog Princess scraped the top of her toe in the pool and I realized I'd left my kit at home! Fail!


So now I'm implementing the very sexy and very trendy plastic zip bag method in which I make sure all of these things are in one bag and I can just grab and go and not forget something.

Check out Dr. Swanson's tips below and stay safe this summer! Also: I want to see some awesome pics! Drop them over on FB or tag me on Instagram. I love to see safe summer adventures!

Disclosure: I’m an ambassador for Consumer Health Products Association. All thoughts and opinions are my own.