Say Something...


How many times will you stand by

And watch along as we slowly die


What will it take for you to see

That you're not that different from me


How many jokes will it truly take

To realize what's at stake


What kind of tears shall I dispense

To show you this shit is intense


He could be mine, or yours or ours

But he lays dead as his blood sours

Say Something


She could've been our little queen

But breath and memory's now unseen


How many brethren must die

While you quietly stand aside


Fuck your condolences, your fake regard

SAY SOMETHING NOW & help stand guard


You bring us words & your broken heart

As our bodies are slowly torn apart


Your silence is killing us indeed

While you seep in privilege, we slowly bleed.

This poem was inspired by my friend, Amiyrah Martin, who took to FB Live to courageously show us how she feels. I send her, and all of my friends that feel this way, hugs from afar. I do not have words of comfort.

I don't know what else to do. I don't know what else to say. The tears don't matter. The names don't count. But, we see you Alton. Rest in peace seems like a crock of shit because you would've been just fine without you being killed. I don't know how to make this right.