United State of Women Summit


Disclosure: this post if full of freakin' excitement.

Next week, I'll be attending The United State of Women Summit hosted by the White House. I'm part of the State Moms Force contingency from MomsRising. YASSSS!

I've had many opportunities these past few years and although I'm juggling summer schedules, concerns about home buying, work and blog, I'm carving out time to get excited.

This video started making the rounds on Monday and is responsible for my first burst of joy.


Frog Princess: "Mami, are those your friends? They look like your friends."

She stays putting me in the company of Oprah (who she calls my teacher and I am not going to argue that point) and the First Lady. I'll take it! I'll take it all, baby girl. 

"Mami, I want to see you on there!"

This girl dreams big for me and I hope that I've instilled the drive to dream big for herself.

I know that Mama Oprah and the First Lady will be on stage having a conversation about Trailblazing the Path for the Next Generation of Women. I can't stand it! I really, really can't!


I wish I could sneak the Frog Princess in but with 5,000 women from across the country coming to this event, I don't know if an unregistered minor would throw up a red flag. I hope to tell her all about it, though. I think it's one of those life changing moments, like meeting the First Man.

Though I love these experiences for myself, I am hyper-conscious of these experiences through the eyes of the little Black girl that's watching me. I am hoping to shape her norm, her definition of success, her passion for standing up for what's right, speaking her mind and standing in her truth.

She's already telling me that she's going to work on websites and tell stories as well as "work on Twitter" so that she can be closer to me and so that she never forgets. I can't stand it! Where does she get this from? She's too adorable for words.

What do I hope to get out of the summit? I look forward to getting re-centered and energized. To connect with women, those that are already in my tribe and those that will be a tribe member.

This might sound ridiculous but: I want to change the world. So, what better place to get recharged than in the company of 4,999 other like-minded women?


I AM A GAME CHANGER. Ruthless in fighting for what's right. Ready to change the world for my daughter and all the daughters and sons of all my sisters. Redefining success as a Mami, sister, friend, advocate and entrepreneur. I will not be a silent bystander! I learn whatever I want and educate others in the process. I trust my crazy ideas. I AM THE UNITED STATE OF WOMEN.