Wednesday Wrap Up

The good news: it seems that the little SOB that's currently residing in my right eye is slowly dying.  The bad news is that I have 2 more weeks of these crazy strong antibiotics that are tearing up my stomach.  I still need to go back to the eyeglass place so that they can "activate" the transition lenses I purchased 2 weeks ago. I haven't had time to go and I'm still pissed off at the fact that I paid for something that I am not able to use.  I was contacted by the store based on my tweet about it and they finally said the following "When you go in this weekend, please ask for Mark or Melissa. They will make sure the problem is fixed to your satisfaction.".  Well, to my satisfaction would have been the day that I went and spent 2 hours entertaining my 17 month old while you worked on my glasses because you are not in my regular route but I've been going to  you for ages and thought that somehow that meant something. Today, two doctors appointments later, I feel so behind on everything.  I have been waiting all week to get a chance to stop by the Publix in order to grab some filet and asparagus.  Not that I feel like eating much at this point in time, mind you.  I've just been wanting to cook that for the last couple of days for some reason.  I think I miss the process of cooking.  How I create yumminess while unwinding from a long day.

I just wrapped up a couple work related things and now move on to clean up the mess that the damn dog has created today.  I'm tired on different levels.  I won't get in to all of it now because hello? You are busy and tired too!  So carry on and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!  If you need me, I'll be the chick trying to find something to eat that won't upset my stomach while cleaning up a dog mess.  Anyone want a cute and adorable puggle?