Of Friends and Fashion: What to Pack for Vegas


I head to Vegas next week. There, the birthday celebrations will kick off with my two very bestest friends in the whole wide world. These are the women that will talk me down from a ledge, the ones that define "ride or die". The chicks that would help me hide the body. Do you have these friends? Because I certainly do! (Truth be told, I think like half of y'all would help me hide the body just for fun. Y'all play too much!) My two friends have NEVER been in the same room together. So this trip is extra exciting. I'm glad to be launching my #Mamis40to40 experience with these two.

This weekend I will attempt to put together what I'll be wearing. So I asked Dr. Dreadlocks (aka Sybil) what plans we have so I can pack. This chick says the following words to me: zombie apocalypse paintball experience.

This is one of the cranes in my neighborhood. He let me come close and take pics. I call him Larry.

MADAM! What do I wear to kill zombies? And you guys know I already have an anxiety about this due to the fact that I know I'm not in shape to be a winner since I'd have to carry the Frog Princess should the zombie apocalypse come upon us!

And what in the hell is a voodoo zip line?!


Of course, it is my fault because I should know better than to have allowed the woman that goes cliff diving to make plans! #HelpMeHoseah

Which leads me to: what should I pack?! Can my luggage just be Pope-fied because I need someone to handle this business!

Which leads me to my list of things that I think I should have. And by list, I mean pins.


My goal is simple. Wear clothes that make me feel great. And make sure I wear comfortable clothes when zip lining and killing zombies.

Any suggestions for what to wear? Leave me links in the comments!