What's in My Diaper Bag

Disclosure: this is a compensated post. All thoughts, opinions and adorable bag are purely my own.

I love how women share what is in their bags, it makes us feel connected as if we aren't alone is carrying around 7 different lip glosses and 3 pens with no pad of paper. Today I am sharing what is in my diaper bag. With my first, I carried everything under the sun. The bag was heavy and I hardly used most of what I had with me. Now that my second is 1 ½, I also carry less. One because of his age and two, because of experience. My bag is large, no doubt but there is plenty of room for more. Here are a few of my must haves.

For Mom:

A Small Wallet that hold nothing more than 2 credit cards, $5, my license, my business cards and a lipstick or gloss.

Tea! Yes, I carry tea because you never know where you'll end up and want a nice warm cup and when I was nursing, I carried Mother's Milk. I now carry White Tea with Passion Fruit because summer.

Sunglasses because I forget them otherwise and whether driving for safety reasons (hey glare) or walking for vanity reasons (hey eye wrinkles), I always seem to need them. They also do a great job hiding mommy eyes.


For Baby:

First aid kit because I have two that love to run around and scraped knees are nothing new.

Tissue for snotty noses.

Pampers Baby Wipes for obvious reason but because even my 5 year old needs them. I'm the mom that takes her kids out to a restaurant and when they are done, I wipe the table and floors because most of the food goes there and not in their mouths.

Pampers Cruisers because we had to upgrade from regular Pampers. My kid within five minutes is on top of the table, crawling under the table, run away from me because I'm trying to take away something from his mouth that was under said table. It is exhausting but there are no leaks and I've found myself having to change him less, saving me time and money while he stays dry.

The Extra Absorb Channels keep him dry AND don't let his diaper sag which means it's a better fit for my little monster. Which means he has nothing slowing him down. Come to think of it, these diapers might be too effective!


Toys to keep him entertained for a much needed coffee run or a lunch date with my kiddos.

Sweater and change of clothes because I have the messiest kid on the planet.

Butt balm as a preventative just in case I need it though he's had one rash ever due to a long car ride but he stays pretty dry in his Pampers Cruisers now.

Sippy cup & snacks because this kid will be hungry five minutes after we left the house which was ten minutes since he last ate. Go figure.


From 8/1 to 8/31, Babies“R” Us is offering you an in-store savings of $10 when you purchase any value box of diapers and a value box of wipes. with my 17 1/2 month old, super active monster in Pampers Cruisers, you know I'm stocking up!

Oh and here's an offer for you to stock up too! Enter to win a $75 Babies "R" Us gift card and a pack of Pampers Wipes. Something else you can keep in your purse: your cash savings. Will you share your diapers with me?