Living the Magic: Can’t Miss Attractions at Walt Disney World

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions, smiles and giddiness are purely my own. For as long as I can remember, I have loved Disney. When the Frog Princess was born, I vowed to shower her with some of the magic of Disney. This has meant an annual trek on or around her birthday along with annual passes so we can stop by whenever the day calls for it.

First pair of ears!

Having Walt Disney World® in our backyard means that we can frolic and play at our heart’s content. It also means that we’ve come up with our very own list of favorites and a few tips for those visiting the parks. Here are a few…

Festival of Fantasy Parade: well, if you don’t know what this is, I am here to tell you. It is all things you can imagine coming out of Fantasyland® with enough magic to make you giggle with joy. Floats starring some of your favorite Disney stories, costumed performers, princes, princesses and my favorite mouse!

Sili’s tip: check the schedule for parade times and then pick a spot by the curb where you can comfortably catch the magic.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant®: This has been our first stop for the last year of visits to the Magic Kingdom® Park. I wish I could say I was tired of it but, I am not! Something about this ride that brings back the nostalgia of the movie. I can’t explain it. Being up there flying high with my favorite girl as I look over the rest of the park always makes me feel extra grateful for the magic. I love the ride and so does the Frog Princess!

Sili’s tip: there’s a circus-themed play area inside the big top! This is the perfect way to cool down during hot days.

Epcot World Showcase: I have such fond memories of my family at Epcot. Particularly walking around the world and experiencing the sounds, sights and flavors of other countries while enjoying each other’s company. I was taken back to those moments as I made my way around the Showcase with the Frog Princess. This is a must-see.

Sili’s tip: Don’t forget to bring your cameras and your appetite!

Test Track® Presented by Chevrolet®: this is where my geek and need for speed meet! Design a state-of-the-art vehicle? Don’t mind if I do! Of course, when you’re done, you can check out how a “sim car” drives through different terrains, obstacles and straight-aways. Can I just tell you that if I ever need a lift in my ‘fro, this is where I go? Speeds upwards of 60 miles an hour? Yes, please!

Sili’s tip: this is a Mami only ride for me as I await for my child to grow another 2.5 inches to make the 48 inch requirement (side note: I was 48 inches at like 9!).

Toy Story Midway Mania!: The Frog Princess loves this ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios®. Partially because who doesn’t love carnival games with a Toy Story theme and partially because her competitive nature takes over. I will NOT tell you who scored the most points while we shot this video.

Kilimanjaro Safaris®: With over 250 species of animals, this is a nature lover’s dream! We have spotted hippos, black rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, lions, okapis and zebras to name a few. I think I still catch my breath as we drive by the giraffes though. You cannot come to Walt Disney World and NOT check this out!


Kali River Rapids®: Want to feel like an explorer? Then there’s no way you can make it out of Disney's Animal Kingdom® without taking this river raft ride through this jungle landscape. It’s enough adventure to keep your heart pumping but there’s also a great message about what happens to natural habitats when the balance of nature is disrupted.

Sili’s tip: bring a poncho! You are bound to get wet. I am not mad at the water though, I always welcome the refresher!

Festival of the Lion King: this is by far the Frog Princess’s favorite show. We love sitting in the audience and figuring out what animal’s section we are in. This is important information as you have to make corresponding animal sounds throughout the performance. I mean, how fun is that?! I love watching the performers and puppetry. It always leaves me asking “how do they do all of this?”

Let’s be honest, that is the question I always leave Walt Disney World® with. I don’t think I’ll ever know the answer to that question and I am perfectly okay with that. So long as I can continue living the magic in my Mamihood.

Do you have a favorite attraction at Walt Disney World®?

Did you miss any parts of this series? Lucky for you, I have a list!

Living the Magic: Can't Miss Attractions at Disney World.