Where Is Your Toilet?


Disclosure_Image Three days. Three days was the time it took to potty train our daughter. Within the next six months, her bed was dry. Potty training was easy. I was practically an expert and these horror stories of kids wetting themselves constantly were so confusing, surely something was missing, something was not done right.

Then after our second child hit the toddler stage I quickly learned that it was by sheer luck and not expertise in which our daughter was so quickly potty trained. Our son was adamant in informing us that while our toilet was the porcelain throne we've decorated to make more appealing, his was his cozy spot behind the couch and in his diaper. He was not to be dissuaded.

We tried training pants and while they worked on occasion, it became another glorified diaper for him. The arrival of the newest member of the Garza gang made him not only more adamant on where his “toilet” was and that he no longer was a big boy, he was in fact still a baby. And so back to diapers we went.

Once the “expert” mama, now outnumbered, was defeated. Be humble, Yanira or be humbled. A great lesson to be taught by a 2 year old. And so I reached out to the real experts, a cousin with three kids of her own which meant she has done this three times. Her tips were easy to follow but I was already disillusioned and had resolved myself to send my child to college in diapers.


Truth was, I wanted him to feel like a big boy but was still putting him in diapers and similar contraptions. And so we entered the journey of “underwear training” instead.


Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear, with the fit, feel, and look of real underwear, was launched just last month and in the last few days, we have helped our strong willed baby become a strong willed big boy but certainly not without a few hilarious moments that weren't so hilarious at said moment. A few accidents, like removal of said underpants after the fact...twice...in his room. But then something odd happened.


I gained a bit more patience, asked where he should go potty because “maybe you aren't ready for underwear yet.” With the fear of losing his beloved big boy “underwear” with his beloved Thomas the Train on them, he bucked up.

 “oh 'der,” he says pointing at the porcelain god we all now share.

Please watch the video of our son, eager to play and run around, get excited as our friends at Pampers sent him his very first “underwear” for a smoother transition into boyhood.


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