Say Word


Last year was hard, amirite? But it was also good. As I looked at my vision boards and looked back at the year as a whole, I saw and checked off:

I don't want to think about the deaths, the crazy election and the general shenanigans that made 2016 feel like the prelude to the Hunger Games.

Because of the tumultuous year, I think I'm starting to use muscles I didn't remember I had. I'm more vocal on the issues that matter (not on the blog lately but, I hope to bring it to these pages as well) and generally I feel like my back is a little straighter these days.

Let's chuck it up to a growth spurt. I am filling my own skin a bit better these days. And so, when I went to select the word for 2017, the word selected me. I talked a little about this in the planning collective FB group but here I am with the word. And I have 3 anchor words to go along with it.

I felt like this year needed more intention and weight. As I meditated on it, there they were. The things that I wanted to emanate in the new year. The words I wanted to live by. The growth, the purpose. 


1. unable to be fucked with. 2. Lacking in the ability to be moved by anything other than purpose, light or revolution. 3. Impermeable to bullshit, fear and turmoil. 4. Grounded and ready for rebellion.


Stable, rooted. Able to move my branches with the wind but so deep in my soil that I cannot be uprooted.


Fierce with word and deed. Unapologetic of my genius and magic. Unrelenting in my force. Succinct in my passion. Uncontrolled by outside forces.


Unbroken, intact. Perfect in my imperfection. The sum of all parts that I am meant to be.

And there you have it folks. My words for 2017. Check out this dope art from my girl Pauline Campos who shares the same word for 2017 with me and leave me a comment with your word(s)!