You Might As Well Face It: Mami's Addiction to Pinterest

It happened to me. I'm not proud of it but I blame my bloggy friend Jamee for sending me the invite (if my mami brain made that up and you didn't send me a Pinterest invite, I'm sorry but someone has to take the fault and obviously, it's not me). You could be asking yourself: mami, what in sam hell is Pinterest? Well, I'd give you a definition but Wikipedia is currently down as I write this so, look it up when you get a chance.

The way I describe it is: do you have a vision board? A place where you keep images that you like for projects and such? Well now you can have your very own electronic board! Except that you can't just have ONE!  Every time I turn around I'm in need of another.  Tonight, for example, I realized I absolutely needed a #winebuzz board in order to keep track of the great wine recommendations and products during that Twitter party.

I know I'm addicted because I can't just "go on for a minute". If you have ever been on Pinterest and gotten right off well, you suck! I can't do it.  My favorite category is the DIY.

I realized why so many of us love Pinterest so much. Well, I know why I do and since I'm writing this I will go ahead and extrapolate that everyone has the same reason.  When I first signed up the jolt was immediate. I have always been crafty but with so much going on in my life I hadn't had a chance to really do anything crafty recently. I realized that crafts are a way for me to unwind and create at the same time. I got excited about creating again and off I went!

Here I am after creating sorority glass ornaments and working through my canvas projects and I couldn't be happier. I think the reason we all love Pinterest is because of the possibilities.  I think that should be their tagline "imagine the possibilities". Because that's just what you do.  Some things are realistic.  Like the cool towel rod that you can use to hang your jewelry (I have mine purchased and it is awaiting installation).


While others are merely a wonderful image that makes you happy all over even though you might never get it. I've always wanted a tree house and I love fairies so this was all daydreams and fairy dust to my eyes!


Who doesn't love to feel like they can fix things up in a way that is practical, beautiful, useful and easy. I mean, really?! Pinterest gives us hope.  Some of it is false (like I created my very own earring board but it looked nothing like what I'd planned).


Some is exactly true. Like the frog princess's shirts I created after finding Paper and Pigtails from a Pin.


Some is uplifting.  I now have my vision board on Pinterest and I find wonderful sayings and truly inspirational thoughts.  Like this one:

Source: via Sili, on Pinterest


It's a beautiful thing. But it can get addictive. The pretty pictures, the positive messages, the yummy food (don't get me started on the food!).  I mean, is my pantry EVER going to look like this?  I don't even have that kind of space to build that thing!


All that to say, take it with a grain of salt.  Enjoy the view, get ideas, take notes and keep the faith! I'm sure someone will be creating a Pinterest Addict meet up somewhere and they'll surely Pin it on their boards for you to find!  Now if you'll excuse me, it's late and the couch and Pinterest are waiting.