11 Women-Owned Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us, good people! And with the holiday season comes shopping. Today we celebrate Small Businesses but these are shops that should be on your list all the time! It's important. Let's get right to it!

Planners and Thangs by Yours Truly

I'm not even going to hold you up. Yeah, my planners are first on the list. You want them, you need them, I'd very much like you to buy them because 2018 cannot be LIT if you're not ORGANIZED! Trust me, I'm a Mami!

They keep your home, blog and business organized and keep you winning. With monthly planning, weekly task lists and so many other organizing tidbits, these are all the planners you'll need. You can thank me later.

If you need help or have thoughts/questions/comments or concerns, head on over to our little Planning Collective group on Facebook.

And because I love y'all, there's a 15% discount on all products until 12/2. Don't say I didn't give you anything! 

Manifesting what?!

This is a fun project for me so I am here to share it with you because, why not! You know I'm a positive thinker. I started using #ManifestingMofo a while back and I just thought it needed to be on a mug. So, here it is!

Addye B.: Art for the Spirit

I commissioned a painting from Addye earlier this year and I fall more and more in love with it with each passing day. It's my maternal line. Check it.

If you'd like to heal yourself and feed your soul or give that gift to someone else, look no further!

Homegirl Por Vida

If you need to getcho life right with a crystal prescription, a reading or just some cool gear to show that magical side then Xenia is the girl you've been looking for.

Check out my personal crystal collection all sourced from my homegirl (no, you can't have any of these!).

I may have added one (or 10) since I took this picture but, you get the drift. She is all the things and the reason why my #ManifestingMofo stays strong!

Stylin' and Wilin'

If you know Amber then you know that's like her life's tagline! Writer, mama, magical being and stylist extraordinaire, Amber is here to help you get styled, get comfortable and get it right. Check out her Suburban Gangster shop and get ready to roll into 2018 all legit and whatnot.

Prints and Petty

I love the hell out of Lucrecer Braxton! But, ever since she started putting out all of this new work in her shop, I'm liking her less. Why, you ask? Because I ain't hit the lotto yet and she keeps blessing us with gems like this one!

I mean, damn! She has so many other beautiful watercolors that the only problem you'll have is buying just one. I've made my list and will be shopping right along with you so, tell me what you pick up, okay?

Books Anyone?

You know I love me some books. So of course, books are on the list. Are they all written by women? Not really. But, my favorite children's books this year are from an imprint that's the brainchild of one of my most talented friends. Denene Millner Books is on the map in 2017 and you need to just go ahead and pick up any and all of the books in this collection (with more to come in 2018).

Not only is SHE a New York Times bestselling author, her books are gathering honors left and right. Don't be the whack person that gets hip to this imprint in 2018. Getcho life right and stock up on these gems!

Get LIT with Candles

I love ambiance. And I love supporting friends. So this is like the best of both worlds wrapped in some warmth and smelling like joy. Monticello Street Candle Co. is Yanira's new baby and I am here to tell you that we are fans.

You will be too once you grab these candles. Homemade with top of the line products, this is the gift that keeps on giving. I'm currently stuck on the 333 scent but, there's nothing in this collection that I don't like. Grab one for yourself and one to take to that holiday party as a gift to the hostess. You're welcome!

Natural Creativity

If you're looking to represent your natural hair or give that gift to others then, head on over to A Gullah Girl Marketplace. There's nothing like a handmade gift. Especially when they look like this:

Chandra will tell you that I basically jacked her for a keychain she made earlier in the year. In my defense, the girl had blue hair and it's Chandra's fault for thinking she could just set it in front of me and I wouldn't go home with it. Hey, a sale is a sale even if you get jacked first, right?

Essentials For You

I don't like buying these products. Because they disappear. Mainly because the Frog Princess uses up all my body wash and leaves nothing for me! But, I digress. I dig all things from KSE Spa Collections. The body wash, the foot balm, the "armpit lotion". No, Michelle doesn't call it that but I do! I'm thinking of trademarking it too. Enniweighs, there's a sale, so hurry up and get your skin together with everything in this shop!

Keep It...Transitioning

Xenia will tell you that I am terrible. Because when things are haywire, I'm in her DM's like YO! What kind of planetary transitions are happening today?! Well, Xenia, now you won't have to worry about me because I have one of these little bad boys coming to me from my friend Julie.

Isn't it cool? I can't imagine the level of attention and creativity that this took. I'm glad she did, though. And she has other amazing things in her shop

Lips and Thangs

My beauty blogger friends will tell you that I am a fail. Jai lost her damn mind when I told her I only had like 4 lipsticks. She proceeded to ship me an. entire. gallon. sized. zip. bag. full. of. lipsticks. I'm glad she did because I totally didn't care that she was making fun of me but it was nice to have new lippies.

Now, I just maintain it by buying some pretty and long-lasting Lipsense lippies from her. She thinks I'm learning because she has this awesome Facebook group where she tries to teach me her ways. It's anybody's guess whether I'm learning or not but, my lips appreciate it. 

There you have it, folks! Not a comprehensive list but I hope you found it helpful! Happy Holidays!