14 Things I Love About the Frog Princess


My dearest Frog Princess, today is Valentine's day though from this point forth I shall call it Balemstimes since that's how you say it. This day is like any other aside from the fact that I had to create 24 gift bags for your classmates with something other than candy because I didn't want to be "that" parent this year. You bring me joy in ways I will never be able to describe and with everything going on right now, you are my beacon of laughter and love. I couldn't ask for anything better than you. Nothing and no one could replace this feeling. I am so proud and humbled to be your Mami.


Here's a short list of things I love...

  1. When you wake up, you look for me and snuggle up close so that we can have cuddle time
  2. That you make me laugh with silly dances on the bed
  3. The pure excitement and joy on your face as you take off your shirt all by yourself
  4. The fact that on some days, while I'm dressing you, you ask "Mami, can we have cuddles when I get home?" (the answer is always YES)
  5. The shows you put on in front of the mirrored closet doors and how you say "welcome ladies and gentlemen!" like there's really a crowd. Where did you learn that from?
  6. The wonder in your face when we capture a glimpse of something new
  7. How you pat/rub my hair and tell me it's beautiful even when it looks like a rat's nest
  8. Listening to your stories and how you speak with your hands and eyes. Also, the lisp. Lord help me, I know we've had speech therapy but I love the lisp
  9. The fact that you refuse to go to sleep before a million hugs and kisses
  10. Holding hands as you close your eyes before drifting off
  11. The whispered chant through slightly closed eyes of "I love you so, so much, Mami"
  12. The look of accomplishment on your face as we go through sight words
  13. The tears of exhaustion, frustration and fear that remind me suddenly of how fiercely I love you
  14. That in spite the hardships I've decided to live with as I try to work for myself, one reading session with you confirms that I am doing the right thing

Happy Valentine's Day, my soulful, smart, joyful, funny, beautiful Frog Princess.