All Dogs Go To...Camp!

It occurred to me today that, I don't need to have a long story in order to blog about it. It was a big DUH moment! I don't always have time to write the way that I like but, I'm not writing a novel, right? So why not give you guys some snippets? Like: I just went to scratch the middle of my head and winced. Why you ask? Well, I came home Saturday afternoon to a very rowdy and nutty dog. I had to chase him to get the leash on him so I could take him out. He was lying down and then suddenly jumped up. I moved to stand up right along with him except for the fact that he'd scooted right up to the door and when I stood up, there was a very permanent doorknob waiting for the middle of my head. I'm surprised I didn't pass out. Lord knows I felt like it. I didn't break the skin but it hurts like a mofo. I wonder how long it's going to take for me to feel better. On Sunday, every time I walked on the tile, it felt like my head would throb along with my step.

I am wondering if I can find a summer camp for the dog. I feel like I need a break from him. People send their kids to camp so, why can't I send Chico Mendes? He might get scared though and not do well in camp.

I looked over while typing this and he's sleeping soundly on a pillow. And I suddenly remember why I've loved him all this time. He's annoying and crazy but, he's mine! I still wish that he could go though. Have you ever felt like sending your pet on an extended summer visit?