The Quest for Mami Swagger: Ripped in 30, Day 1

I started working out past 11 p.m. I had a long work day but, my smart ass posted a status update on the fan page and lo and behold, here comes Dario Moore, resident creative fine man of The Center for Contemporary Dance and someone I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a million years ago.  He comments that he's about to start his hour and a half insanity workout. What can I say, even exhausted from a full day, I'm a sucker for a little competition especially when it's with another dancer (granted he's in MUCH better shape than I am!).

So what do I do? I walk the dog, put the food away, serve my lunch for tomorrow and THEN start working out.  What was I thinking?  As our old dance teacher used to say: I am sucking bad wind!  As I type, Jillian is talking through the last few minutes of the workout.  Sister girl, I'm here to tell you that on day one, I can't stay with you! And I am totally going to blame it on it being so late. I only missed the last minute.  And I did go back to stretch.

Now for a quick shower.  I am leaving the coffee pot set for the morning along with the frog princess's bottle (and I hope to not get those 2 mixed up).  I should probably pull my clothes out of the closet and take my bags out to the car.  I wonder if baby girl can climb into the truck on her own? I don't know if I'll be able to pick her up.

Stay tuned! Day one of five is done! In a month's time, I'll have some muscle back and I'll feel great!  So, what are you doing for yourself this summer?  Me? I'm paying someone to kick my ass from the TV and trying not to yell at her so I don't wake up the baby (or maybe I'm secretly hoping she wakes up because then I'll get a breather!).

Oh and if you are ever looking for some great dancing, be sure to visit Dario. He'll be sure to work you out and help bring back your mami swagger!