The Essential Guide to Marvel’s “Black Panther”


I finally got Paul back in here writing. As a special correspondent of geekdom here in the 'hood, he is the only person I would trust to do this post because #geekery. With a Black director, producer, writer and costume designer, this is the Blackity Black movie of the year and we are all here for it (if you're not, feel free to stage left)! Let's get into it! - Sili So, you’ve seen the trailer for the movie, “Black Panther”. Social media is blowing up about how people are going to be dressing up like they’re going to the wedding in “Coming to America”’s Zamunda for the premiere. The news says pre-ticket sales have been larger than any other previous Marvel film. The only problem don’t know shit about the Black Panther.

Oh sure, you’ve seen some of the Marvel flicks, but you haven’t read 50+ years of comic books (like I have) and don’t have the time to do it before the premiere February 16th. Your FOMO is kicking in hard and you are panicking that your Black card is gonna get seriously checked, if not revoked. Fear not, my ninja. I got you.  Here’s the essential stuff you need to know about the Black Panther before seeing the movie. Cue the academic music. Class is in session…

Basic Blackground

First, go see “Captain America: Civil War”. Just trust me. If you haven’t seen it, it will make things much more difficult for you. Besides, it’s one of the best Marvel movies. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Who is the Black Panther?

You done? Good. Now, as you know, my mans-and-dem, Mr. Chadwick-Jackie Robinson-James Brown-Thurgood Marshall-Boseman’s character, T’Challa, has just witnessed his father, King T’Chaka, die. Consequently, he takes on his father’s role as the King of Wakanda and the Black Panther. [Note: in the comics, King of Wakanda and Black Panther is usually synonymous, but this may not be the case in the flicks]. The Black Panther is the figurehead of the country, the head of the religious sect and the country’s protector. To become Black Panther, you have to undergo a series of trials and/or defeat the previous Black Panther in combat. When you win, you get to ingest a heart shaped herb native to Wakanda that gives you the superpowers of strength, stamina, recuperative abilities and enhanced senses. You also take over the throne of Wakanda.

Although T’Chaka is dead, T’Challa still has his stepmoms, Queen Ramonda (played by the real life queen, Angela Bassett) and his sister Shuri (played by Letitia Wright). From what I understand, in the movie version, Shuri is going to be shown as a technological genius who comes up with T’Challa’s gadgets and technology (like Q in the Bond flicks). In the comics, Shuri was the hot-headed warrior and her elder brother is the technological genius. More importantly, Shuri eventually becomes...the Black Panther! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We don’t know how this will play out in the film version.

Regardless, the Black Panther is no run-of-the mill superhero, who stops bank robbers, purse snatchers and rescues cats from a tree. T’Challa is a KING. He got king problems. He got king issues. He got king resources. He got king money. You best put some ‘spect on his name.

What is Wakanda?

If the country of Zamunda from “Coming to America”, the Klingons from “Star Trek”, the Zulu Nation and Atlantis were to have a baby, it would be Wakanda. Wakanda is an African nation shrouded in mystery. It’s peoples are made up of several different tribes collectively known as the Wakandas. They are historically a warrior people whose country has never been successfully invaded or colonized by the outside world. Consequently, it has the unique distinction of having evolved and developed on its own. They have, until recently, been mostly isolationist in their policies toward the outside world. It should be interesting to see how the filmmakers visualize a world that is completely African, without western influence, yet technologically, a century ahead of the rest of the world, largely due to its repository of Vibranium.  

What is Vibranium?

A meteorite landed in Wakanda thousands[?] of years ago, which brought with it, the precious metal Vibranium.  Vibranium absorbs sound and energy, which makes it nearly indestructible and useful in the development of new, advanced technologies (It’s what Captain America’s shield was made out of). Thus, through their exploration of Vibranium, Wakanda is the most technologically advanced and wealthiest nation in the world. However, again, they keep that on the low-low.

Does Wakanda ban hairstylists?

Okay, with regard to why there are so many sistahs depicted with bald heads, those ladies are known as the Dora Milaje, which translates in Wakandan as “adored ones”. These are the king’s royal guard/special forces/baes-in-training. Wait, what? That’s right, each of the Dora Milaje represent different tribes of the Wakandas who are known as the “wives in training” for the king. It is purely a ceremonious role at this point, so don’t go expecting bathing scenes of his majesty. Don’t get it twisted, these ladies are FIERCE, loyal and dedicated to the throne and Wakanda.  They are led by Okoye, (“The Walking Dead’s” Danai Gurira) and their ranks include super spy and ex-bae of the king, Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o).

Who are the bad guys?   

You can’t have a good superhero flick without a good villain(s). This movie has two of T’Challa’s greatest: Ulysses Klaw and Eric “Killmonger” N’Jadaka. We already met Ulysses Klaw in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. As presented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Klaw is a Dutch/South African arms dealer and mercenary who is one of the few people to get into Wakanda and live to tell about it.  Moreover, he stole some Vibranium worth billions of dollars and was physically branded by the Wakandans as a thief.  Ultimately, the evil robot Ultron, takes the Vibranium from him, but was kind enough to deposit billions of dollars into his bank account, before cutting off his left arm for comparing him to a Tony Stark robot.

This introduction varies from the comics somewhat. In the comics, Klaw is the descendent of a man who tried to invade and annex Wakanda in the 19th century. He was...unsuccessful when he met the then Black Panther of Wakanda. The rest of Klaw’s origin is conflicting, confusing and quite frankly irrelevant to this movie. All you have to know is that in the comics, Klaw killed T’Chaka when T’Challa was a boy and T’Challa immediately took off his arm. They got beef.

Speaking of beef, Killmonger in the comics is from a family exiled from Wakanda after working with Klaw to steal Vibranium. Killmonger, whose real name is N’Jadaka, is raised in the U.S. and later returns to claim the throne from T’Challa when they both grow up. So he challenges T’Challa...and beats him. Repeatedly. I don’t want to say anymore, for fear that it will give too much away from the film. Suffice it to say, Killmonger is T’Challa’s arch-nemesis.

How does this movie fit in with the rest of the Marvel movies?

As you should know from watching “Captain America: Civil War”, T’Challa has just become the King of Wakanda and has returned to claim his throne. We don’t know yet if Captain America and Bucky are still hiding out in Wakanda as fugitives from international justice, or if Falcon, Ant-Man and Hawkeye (the rest of team Cap) have joined them. What we do know is that the Black Panther and Wakanda will feature prominently in the next Avengers film, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

If you have been following the MCU, you should already have a general idea what this is all about.  If you have been living on an island by yourself with no internets, then you should know that each of the Marvel movies has been part of a tapestry ultimately introducing us to characters that will have a part to play in the machinations of a galactic hooligan called Thanos. Thanos is collecting 6 objects of power called Infinity Stones that collectively, when placed onto a gauntlet called...well, the Infinity Gauntlet -- form the ultimate power in our universe (that is actually NOT an exaggeration).

So far in the Marvel films to date, we have seen the Tesseract (the Space Stone from “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Avengers”), the Aether (the Reality Stone from “Thor: The Dark World”), the gem in the Necklace of the Eye of Agamotto (The Time Stone from “Dr. Strange”) The Orb (the Power Stone from “Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Loki’s Sceptre (The Mind Stone in “Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”).  Notice the what the letters I have placed in bold of the items above? See what they spell? You still with me? Good. That leaves one stone still not discovered. One stone whose MCU name will likely start with “H”.  

Which stone would you expect to find in a movie about a country with badass warrior women, cool outfits and wealth to make King Solomon blush? That’s right, the Soul Stone!!! No, seriously, that is the last stone missing, per the comics. In the more contemporary comics, Thanos is a power mad alien from Titan who wreaks bloody murder across the galaxy in search of the stones with the help of his henchmen, the “Black Order” (just a name, no relation).  What happens when an intergalactic conqueror comes to a small country on Earth that has never been conquered?  I guess we will find out!

Why is the fam getting so hype for this movie?

Now you KNOW how people finna turn up for this movie premiere, right? Dashiki and African jewelry sales increased by about 1000% percent after the initial Black Panther trailer was released (that’s a fake figure, but probably not inaccurate). There are literal Black Panther premiere parties being thrown in cities all over the country on February, 15th and 16th.  But why is the fam getting so hype?  [Sigh] Where do I start?

Let’s start with #RepresentationMatters. When I was a kid, there were no A-list, top tier, so-well-known-they-had-their-own lunch box, cartoon and movie, type superheroes -- that looked like me. Having characters that children look up to, relate to and thus, be inspired to emulate, knowing, “I can be great too”, is important. I mean, let’s be real. Barack isn’t in office anymore and wanting to be POTUS one day doesn’t hold the prestige it once did.

The Black Panther has been around since 1966 and is the first mainstream Black superhero. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby several months before the latter formed Black Panther Political Party.  Lee and Kirby were the creators of most of the what we know as the Marvel Universe. Stan Lee went for subtle commentary on race relations with the references to MLK and Malcolm X in the personas of Professor X and Magneto in “X-Men” in 1963.  But with the Black Panther, there was clearly no subtext. He was Black, strong, smart, rich, noble, proud and a king.  The Black Panther is unique, not just among other Black superheroes, but all superheroes. In the Marvel universe, he is known as being as intelligent as Reed Richards, has more money than Tony Stark and is capable of beating Captain America in combat. This brother is BAAAAADD.

The Black Panther has been around as long as most of the major, A-List, well known and marketed Marvel superheroes of today, (i.e., Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, the X-Men, etc.), yet, many people were first introduced to him in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War”. But what an introduction (I personally watch that movie by fast forwarding to the scene-stealing Black Panther scenes).

The Black Panther and Wakanda represent a glimpse at the fantasies many of us have of a new and different world.  A world where the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and subsequent colonization of Africa never occurred. A world where the “N-word” never existed. A Zamunda with a purpose and an edge. A world where WE ARE WAKANDA.

P.Dubs - Special Correspondent of Geekdbom Master Jedi, Paul White-Davis, is an attorney by day and a special correspondent of geekdom by night. And not just because he has a full collection of dol…errr, action figures and comic books.

Back-to-School Means Back to Disney (Springs)

Disclosure: We had the pleasure of being hosted by Disney in order to experience the fabulous new shops, dining and entertainment options right in our back yard. All opinions (and swooning) are purely my own. Last week I had the grand pleasure of heading over to Disney's Beach Club Resort for a few days. It was just what the doctor ordered. After a summer of surgery and recovery, you can imagine I've done little in the form of R&R OR shopping. The Frog Princess has been reluctant to leave my side (even passing up on art camp).

I wanted to do something special for her and wouldn't you know it, I can always count on Disney to help me deliver the magic. Unbeknownst to her, I'd invited her BFF to come along with us (her mom & I are super close as well so, this works out PERFECTLY for us). On the day of, we met up and I scooped up my other child and off we went! I love these two!

After checking in, we sauntered over to Typhoon Lagoon where we spent way too much time chillaxing in the lazy river and talking about books, summer and the new school year. Afterward, we made our way back to the hotel for more pool time because, is there anything better than chilling in the water on a Florida summer day?


Let me preface this by saying that, I'm ashamed. As a local, I sometimes get stuck in my ways and don't venture past the places I'm used to going. As a local with annual passes to Disney World, I get stuck in the loop of heading to the parks and nothing else. Disney Springs has SOOO much to offer, y'all. I didn't realize 80% of these venues were there. HOW SWAY?!?

As we were watching a short presentation letting us know about all the things we'd been missing out on, the Frog Princess turns to me and says "I literally feel like I'm about to faint!" I shared her excitement.

With over 150 venues, Disney Springs brings all the things in one place. I love the atmosphere, I love the entertainment, I love the foods!

We hopped, skipped and jumped into stores like UNIQLO, World of Disney (of course), and LittleMissMatched because you already know the Sock Princess is about to make a comeback.

My girl and I enjoyed heading over to Zara and Sephora and made a note to head back without the minis next time for some big girl fashion, flavors and fun! We also side eyed each other with a "why hadn't we done this before" look. But guess what? Now we know! And we will definitely be back.

With the Frog Princess going to a school with no uniforms this year, I'd been stressing a bit about clothes. Levi's and UNIQLO came to the rescue, though.

Side note: we HAVE to make a return trip to the Levi's store because the Frog Princess wants a customized jean jacket and couldn't decide what she wanted on it. Thankfully, our boy Jonathan was super patient with us as we made our purchases and will definitely see us again for that one-of-a-kind item (and seriously, I think I need one too). Also: see what NYC looks like at Disney Springs!


La Nouba will be getting its very own post soon because I have all. the. feels. over the performance at the moment but I did want to note that YOU HAVE TIL DECEMBER 31st TO GO SEE THEM. They will go away after that and I don't think I can deal with that reality at the moment.

If you find yourself at Disney Springs and in need of some fun and food, I hope you'll head on over to Splitsville. It's right across from the movie theater (the old heads will remember this as the Virgin Records Store). Y'all, you can order sushi while you bowl! That's all I'm going to say about that.

I was reminded of this little fun fact about Sili: she owns her own ball and shoes AND she's been known to bowl in a cape.

This kid needs more exposure to that Sili, y'all. and she's going to get it.

I love finding new places to go and I love it even more when it's right in my backyard. Rest assured that I'll be doing my best to visit as many of those 150 venues as I can! If you're around and looking for a place to shop, look no further. If you are planning to visit the area, I am going to highly recommend that you block out a day (or two) to check out Disney Springs. You won't be disappointed.

Disney's Moana


Disclosure: I was invited to an advanced screening of Moana. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own. Have you seen it yet? Have you?! What. Are. You. Waiting. For?!?

Last Sunday, we got a chance to see an advanced screening of Moana. And I do believe that I'm in love.

Where do I begin? Seriously. I fell in love with the characters, found a string that led directly from my heart to Gramma Tala (Moana's grandmother) and managed to find humor, happiness, a renewed sense of gratitude for the Universe and an appreciation of nature. All in one movie. Yup. Leave it to Disney, my friends.

MOANA - (Pictured) Grandma Tala and Moana. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Allow me to get existential here. You know I don't believe in coincidences. I felt a great connection to the movie as it presented lessons that continue to be reinforced in and around me.

I know a few Maui's. People that just want to be loved but do all the things to get those accolades (if this feels like it's you then, surprise! It is!). In Maui's case, He stole the heart of Te Fiti to give to the humans so that they too could create as she did. He is a demigod and shows his abandonment issues in his desire to be praised and worshipped by the humans. The heart of Te Fiti is basically creation itself. In the beginning of time, this heart allowed for the creation of life and islands. When that heart is stolen, well, all hell quite literally breaks loose.

MOANA - (Pictured) Maui. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

In this case, it's in the form of  Te Ka who awakens when Maui steals the heart and battles him for it only to have the heart lost at sea and Maui defeated.

What transpires next is what adventures (and Disney movies) are made of! The tales have it that once the heart of Te Fiti was stolen, those islands began to die. When something similar starts happening on Moana's island, it awakens something inside her.

You see, that ocean has already selected Moana as "the one". The heart of Te Fiti grazes her hands as a child and that moment defines her entirely life, though she does not know why. She longs for the ocean, much to her father's chagrin. And at 16, know how that goes.

With her gramma's guidance, Moana is empowered with finding Maui and returning the heart of Te Fiti to its rightful place. Except that she has Maui to reckon with first and making him to forth to possibly battle Te Ka after he's been banished to a random island is no easy feat.

But, leave it to a determined girl who is aware of her purpose  (Along with a few unforgettable characters that I know will keep you on your toes) to lead a demigod to a place where he does not want to go. 

MOANA - (Pictured) Pua and Hei Hei ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The rest, as they say, is the movie, of course!

We loved it! And we loved meeting Moana. You can find her at Hollywood Studios these days so if you stop by Disney World, be sure to stop by and take a picture, okay?

The Frog Princes and her BFF, I like to call her the Queen Bee, chillin' with Moana.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Tell me, tell me, tellll meeeee!


About those lessons:

You know your purpose. At times we don't see it because we are burden with obligations. It doesn't mean you need to be irresponsible. It means that you need to sit and figure out what your purpose is in a way that honors your existence and by extension, those around you.

There are signs everywhere that lead you to do the thing which you fear. Those signs and that fear all conspire to give you the desires of your heart if only you dare to walk that path.

The Legacy of the Elenas


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Disney Channel. However, all opinions expressed are my own. I heard the words Elena of Avalor for the first time last summer. Immediately, my heart filled with joy. You see, I already have 2 royals named Elena in my lineage.

Mami & Frog Princess

Meet Elena 1.0 & Elena 2.0. The loves of my life. As a namesake, I think that the Frog Princess is already embodying so much of my mother.

Mami was the very first female that modeled leadership for me. In so many different ways. You see, Mami was a feminist. Though I feel like she’d never use that word (and indeed, I don’t think she ever uttered the phrase to describe herself in her 64 years of life), it described her perfectly.

It’s how I came to feel like I was seeing my young & adventurous Mami in my TV. Abuela used to recount the stories of “Elena como niña” and I now look back and wonder if a Zuzo was writing the stories down to add a touch of Disney magic at a later date and bring her to life once again.

From standing up to children on the playground even though she was the smallest kid in her class to helping her mom and family as she grew up. Mami molded me in many ways and now, I get to mold my very own Elena.


The fun part is getting to see friendship, valor, love of family and courage displayed on the small screen. Seeing an independent princess that is taking responsibility while learning the ropes on her way to leading her kingdom is refreshing and inspiring.

The Frog Princess hasn’t stopped talking about it. Seriously, she woke up and squealed “I’m so excited!” on Friday morning. Let the record show that my child has also been telling anyone that will listen that the new Disney Princess is named after her. LAWD!

Friday was definitely a special moment in this household and our friends made it that much more special. We had such a blast at our watch party!

Miss_G_Elena_Avalor  Frog_Princess_Elena_Avalor



Can you guess how many times we’ve watched the episodes that aired on Friday? Enough for me to tell you that I have my eye on that Esteban and that I am here for Don Francisco and his guitar! Yassss! It reminded me of Mami’s love of music. She always wanted to learn to play the guitar.

I’m feeling all kinds of verklempt about this show, y’all. I must confess that I watched once without the Frog Princess and may or may not have gotten teary eyed. Disney is part of this familia so it’s extra special to be able to see a brown girl on the television with my girl’s name.

Bragging moment: I asked this kid to help with the unboxing of our party supplies. She did not disappoint!

My favorite thing in that box has got to be this beautiful print:

Elena of Avalor Print

It reads:

Fearless heroine ready to rule with grace and compassion. Brave protector embarking on magical adventures with familia, friends and royal scepter. Crown princess of Avalor.

Every last Mami that picked this up awed at it. I think those words strike us equally, right? It reminds us of those that came before us and made us who we are today and in the same thread, it helps us look forward to the seeds we are planting today. Our very own fearless heroines.

Did you get a chance to check out Elena of Avalor? I’ve got more popcorn on deck for Friday at 7 p.m. ET! We'll be watching on the Disney Channel. Will you?

Legacy of the Elenas - Elena of Avalor

Dear Sofia: Royal Writers Retreat

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Junior. However, all opinions expressed are my own. I lost my mind recently and invited 8 5 and 6-year olds to my house. On a week day. Because I love pain!

But let me tell you, I had such a great time I'm afraid all the complaining that I thought I'd be doing, didn't happen.

We gathered in my humble home in order to have a letter writing party! And wow. 


We love Sofia, you guys know this. The Frog Princess Dressed as her for her birthday 2 years ago and this past summer, we got to hang with her all over again.

Capturing Unforgettable Memories at Walt Disney Word

Well, the idea of writing to the princess and having her return our letters was just slightly mind blowing. Here's why: our kids are just learning to read and write. As a writer, you guys know I love me some words. But I love the idea of teaching kids that they can still connect through the written word.

Check out this video about how this letter thing works!

I loved gathering with my girls and watching our kids do this fun activity. Side note: I wasn't expecting the parents to get in on it but, they totally wrote letters. Which reminds me about how we engage with the kids and how they bring out the kid in us.

As the littlest princess, Sofia embodies friendship, bravery, courage, curiosity, creativity, and adventure. Basically that applied to all the kids there and by extension to us parents.


It's all about connection, right? I still have all the letters from my BFF when we were in college. You guys remember not being connected to your friends throughout the summer?!


Long distance calls were expensive! And you didn't know if someone would be home so, we used to do like 2 calls in the summer. The rest of the time it was all letters for our updates.

I miss that. I love that I can get to share that with my girl and her band of misfits. This was my favorite letter of the night, by the way. 

My favorite dear Sofia letter!

It reads: I got stickers. Thank you.

How adorable is that!?!

The Frog Princess goes to school on Monday but I may or may not be watching Sofia the First: The Secret Library because it premieres on Monday October 12 at 9 a.m. ET on Disney Junior on Disney Channel. I can't wait to see Merida from Brave again!

Okay so who's writing letters?! Head over to the Dear Sofia page on Disney Junior and download the spiffy letters and mail them out. Check out how to make that happen!

Let me know what Sofia says.


Patricia's Speech & False Solidarity


I was hard at work during the Oscars last night thanks to a Redbull and the lack o' organization in my office. While I worked away, social media buzzed in the background. I was happy to hear when Patricia Arquette, honored for her work in Boyhood, mentioned equal pay. I mean, what woman wouldn't love that, amirite? "To every woman who gave birth to every tax payer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else's equal rights. It's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America."

Patricia Arquette

In the distance, as I prepared for the week I thought "good". And then, the real shit hit the proverbial fan.

If this was a children's book, it might be called Patricia and her patronizing ways. In the press room Patricia continued. I am going to say that perhaps, still high from the rush of seeing Meryl woop at her speech and two or three shots of celebratory liquor on her way to the press room influenced what she said next. I mean, I hope it did. Because, y'all. How do you explain this?

"It's time for women. Equal means equal. The truth is the older women get, the less money they make. The highest percentage of children living in poverty are in female-headed households. It's inexcusable that we go around the world and we talk about equal rights for women in other countries and we don't. One of those superior court justices said two years ago in a law speech at a university that we don't have equal rights for women in America and we don't because when they wrote Constitution, they didn't intend it for women. So the truth is even though we sort of feel like we have equal rights in America right under the surface there are huge issues at play that really do affect women. It's time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we've all fought for to fight for us now."

I HAZ questions! When did Patricia fight for the gay people and the people of color? Did I miss this memo? Let me find out my mail hasn't been forwarded after I changed my address!

Also, didn't this speech start with the whole equality thing? Are there no women in the "gay people and people of color" world that she just presented to us? You got some 'splaining to do!

This morning I flashed back to #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen because this is a perfect representation of what folks were trying to bring to light with that hashtag.

Madam! I don't owe you shit! I've been out here with my sleeves rolled up trying to do the work so that WE CAN ALL have equal pay, equal rights, equal justice. For her to imply that somehow she needs MY help to make sure that she lives further within her privilege because some how I owe it to her is simply absurd.

Solidarity is for white women, indeed, Patricia. Carry on with your pretty dress and your privilege.

I am having a minor rant in order for me to purge this out of my system and have a productive day. Did you catch the Oscars last night? What did you think of this speech?

Scandal Premiere: 6 Rules of Engagement

Scandal premieres tonight. An hour earlier than before. If you don't know about the show then I suggest you head on over and let Luvvie bring you up to speed (she's the goddess of all things recapish as it pertains to Scandal). This post is short and sweet. I would like to humbly speak for ALL female Scandal watchers.

Here are the rules of engagement for Thursday nights from the hours of 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (because I suspect this will be my "watch TV" night and I'm putting it out into the universe that How to Get Away With Murder is gonna rock my socks).


  • If you have never watched the show, acquaint yourself with Google and Netflix and catch up. Do not ask us for a recap. All you will get is a side eye/side mouth convo with a right-sided neck twist.
  • Unless someone is very ill/almost dying and we can literally save their lives, don't call us. No sense in messing up all of our 9 o'clock hour.
  • Men: if, during this season, a time comes when we are sitting on the couch watching the show, this is NOT the time to attempt to hug, kiss or talk. Save that for later lest we decide to do the same during your team's football game. (unless you're Jake and then we can negotiate this stance)
  • Talking is not really allowed. However, Facebook and Twitter posts are encouraged. If you want to talk, here is a list of approved phrases:
    • Oh damn!
    • WTF?!
    • Awww hell naw!
    • Did...did...did that just happen?!
    • BAM!
    • Oh yeah!
    • Uh huh!!!
    • GET IT GURL!
    • GEEEZUS!
    • Ohmaigaah!
    • Wellllllll (in a preacher's tone)
    • Awww shiiiiittttt!
    • What in the hell?!?
    • Tweet that! Tweet that!
    • Shonda! You killin' me!
  • The above phrases are usually accompanied by standing up and falling out on the couch, shoulder shimmies, hand clapping, roof-raising or any other scandaly acceptable behavior that would suggest you are totally feeling the phrases above.
  • Drinking is usually required during these shows due to their intensity. If you are coming over to watch this show, please be sure to have a Koonunga Hill Penfolds shiraz tucked away in your bag. Failing that, bring over the appropriate ingredients to make yourself a Scandalous Cinnamon Delight.

Please follow these rules because you might get hurt if you disturb the gladiators in action (and by action I mean watching the show). I don't want that to happen especially because I haven't yet set up the GoFundMe for gladiator bail money.

I'm excited about the premiere. But you know why I think everyone is extra excited? Because we get to interact with one another (whether in real life or on social media). We get into it, we make each other laugh, we reconnect. We forget about the real world for an hour and enjoy the genius that is Shondaland!

Will you be watching? What did I forget from the list?


Novelas In Commercials!


Today I got a chance to finally do a little traveling. As you may or may not know, I had surgery six weeks ago and have been unable to do all of the things I'd planned to do this summer. Alas, on the mark of my 6 weeks, I got a chance to go to St. Petersburg to be a fly on the wall during the taping of a Bright House commercial.

These aren't any ol' commercials. These are the Spanish language awesomeness in the form of a telenovela spoof.


I stayed longer than I expected and kinda didn't want to leave. That could have something to do with the yummy snacks, the great conversations and the outstanding rapport that I felt on set with this talented crew.

The frog princess had an awesome time and she only caused panic within my heart once. Wearing headphones while listening in to the talents recording, she blurted out "In her house!" after hearing Jesika say the same words in Spanish. Um...y'all, can I say horrified (while slightly proud at the same time since I'm having a hard time loosening her tongue to speak my native one).

My head is still spinning but I promise I'll give you more details later. In the meantime, I suggest you get yourself caught up with the soap opera drama that Jim and Jesika are bringing to Central Florida!

Did you (or your family) watch novelas? What are your favorite memories of this very Latino pastime?

And check out La Promesa de Jim for more goodness. Stay tuned! More later! For more pictures, check out the hashtag #HelloVideoShoot.

Disclosure: I was invited by Bright House to attend this shoot. Because it was out of town, I was provided with a hotel room to stay in. Also, we inhaled a large amount of snacks which they provided. And no, I feel no guilt over eating all the yummy food.