I'm a Latina Blogger You Must Know In 2014!


I recall that back in the day, Latina Magazine was the first magazine I got a subscription for. I felt so chic and hip. And proud that there was a magazine that I could pick up and see parts of me in. That was 20 15 15 10 5 years ago. You can imagine how elated I felt when out of the blue, I received a Tweet back in April advising me that they had selected me as one of the top 10 Mami Bloggers for 2013.

As if that wasn't enough, I am appearing in the February edition of the magazine alongside some fantastical bloggers. I am blessed to know some and call them friends. So it's like double happiness as I am so happy for and proud of them. Go check out the page and take a look at the great bloggers featured.


I am feeling deeply humbled, elated, blessed and happy. This little blog that I started three years ago? Someone is reading it?! This little haven that I created to write about being a new mom, working, managing people, breastfeeding and my Mami's illness? Someone reads this? Shut. Yo. Mouth!

Latina Magazine Spread

This is one of my most favoritest quotes from Oprah:

Every human being, no matter what age, no matter how old we get is looking for the same thing. What everybody wants is to know: do you see me? Did you hear me? And did what I say mean anything to you?

There are times that I read that and it brings me to tears. Because this is what we look for in life, isn't it? At its most basic level, in day to day life. And certainly as I share my experiences, thoughts, feelings and journey on this blog. I feel as if I connect with you all on the little things, big things and everything in between. But being recognized like this means that perhaps I'm reaching a lot more of you than I thought. And by doing so, you feel heard and seen because of shared thoughts and experience.

It is my deepest wish that what I say to you means something to your soul, connects you, anchors you to something. As I head into the following weeks, I will carry this thought with me.

Mami & MeYou guys know January and February are not easy months for me. Gearing up for the anniversary of Mami's death is a roller coaster ride, at best. But yesterday, I heard her clear in my head. If she were here, she would've been calling friends and family and telling them about my accomplishment. I can see the smile of pride she would be wearing on her face and the funny pat she liked to give us. All smiles. All love.

And then, this honor means a little more because of her not being here. Thank you, Latina Magazine. And thank you for reading the words I put on this page.



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