Creating a Vision Book

I love vision boards. Something about working on my vision that excites me. Being able to see it come to life is motivational. What I don't love is that once the board is done, it's done. I don't know about you but I get lots of great ideas after the fact. Things happen throughout the year, things that I want to focus on once I meet those goals.

A while back I found these Smash Books. I loved the idea of having something that had room for all of my creative/random thoughts throughout a period of time. Once I used the book as a vision board substitute for middle school girls, I knew I'd found my new thing.

I have a Vision Board on Pinterest. I love it. Mainly because I can go through it when things are a little off and inspire myself. I can also keep adding all the images and quotes that inspire and motivate me since after my last vision board, I was left wanting to add more.

I wanted needed a new start as 2014 rounded the corner. If I am to transcend, then I want clarity in my thoughts and intentions. And so, I created my vision book. I got lots of you guys commenting about the Instagram images I put up. It was so easy, I wanted to share it with you.

I got my Smash Book, copied some of my favorite quotes from my Pinterest board to PowerPoint where I resized and printed them. I also wrote out certain words that I wanted to print out (like my goals). Once that was all done, the scissor work began.

I cut out all of the things I'd printed out and set about figuring out where each piece would be placed. That was the hardest part. But it also made me think hard about the words and the intentions behind them. How was I going to bring these inspiring words together to make magic?

I sat in a quiet space, added my energy, hopes, thoughts and dreams for the new year to my space and came out with this.

I have already written in some crazy goals that I hope to complete this year. Have you ever worked on a vision board? How do you keep yourself motivated/accountable?

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