The Christmas Hangover

No, this is not about any alcoholic consumption that took place. Alas, this is about that generally feeling of grief that hits me once the clock strikes midnight after December 25th. We had a fantabulous time on Noche Buena. Don't know what that is? Well, we celebrate Christmas  Eve in a big way and then usually just lounge on Christmas Day as we open gifts and remember the reason for the season.

This year, my siblings and I hosted at our house. And it was great. With well over 25 people in the house, I can say that there was certainly a feeling of togetherness. I'd like to think my photo booth props helped! Special thanks to my girl Gigi for doing that post last week. So loved the idea!

I'm still thinking of all of the appetizers eaten, of the drinks passed around and of the general sense of celebration that filled this house. And the house feels emptier. The tree, full of gifts for just a little over 36 hours now feels hollow. And is it me or is the smell of pine gone?


Christmas hangover, I tell ya.

But what's still here are the memories. The ones that I didn't write about on social media (gasp!), the ones I couldn't capture with my camera but certainly captured with my heart. The whispers of love, the smiles as we opened gifts. The spirit of the season which to me is always rooted in love.

I hope you are suffering from the Christmas hangover because if you are, it means you have thoroughly sucked in the true joy of the holiday.

Now if you'll excuse me, my boss has given me a mile-long to do list!