Christmas Project: Bag of Blessings for Babies

Wednesday found me at the most magical place in the world.  The frog princess and I had a fabulous time but, yesterday, I had all kinds of thoughts and feelings that continued to circle in my head. You see, more than ever, I realized on Wednesday how blessed I was.  My baby girl turned 2 and she was happy.  She had food to eat, clothes on her back and a warm place to call home.  Those thoughts led me to think about a bunch of other people that might not have that during this time.  And that led me to think about the babies that I want so desperately to help out.

Yesterday I wracked my brain trying to figure out how I would accomplish the gigantic task of putting together welcome packets for new babies born in the Dominican Republic.  My childbirth class teacher/doula/now midwifery student is heading there in January and it coincided with my deep need to help babies in my country of birth.  I feel as if God has put this on my heart and I must follow through.  Partly because of my need to always have a project during this time but I think partly because it would be a wonderful way to honor mami during her favorite holiday.  But how do I do it?

After feeling very deflated late yesterday I had a thought: I can't do it alone. If I was still working, this wouldn't be a problem, I could swing this on my own.  But, here again is another lesson.  God saying "hey, didn't you say it takes a village?".  The whisper in my ear said: do what you do, write.  So here I am, asking my village for help. I was told that anywhere from 8-15 babies are delivered each day.  Terri will be there for 10 days.  So on average that will be 120 babies (um, I don't do math so I just figured 12 babies a day and ran with that)!  I want these new moms to find hope in their new child and so more than just items that they need, I'd like to think these things will bring with them a sense that things are going to be okay. Isn't that what so many of us look for in our time of need? A reminder that we are being watched over and that someone cares?

I want to share with you my dream list for these babies in hopes that you can either purchase some of those items and send them to me so that I can ship overseas or perhaps just head on over to PayPal and give a small donation towards the goods. Look in my sidebar and you'll see the widget!

Items for the babies: Snap on t-shirts Onesies Towel Blanket Cloth diapers (at least 3) Soap Lotion Socks

Items for mamis: Sanitary napkins (Glad Rags is going to give us a good price since it's going to a good cause) Soap Bible (in Spanish for mami) Undies (I'm thinking the Kendall Seamless Knit Pants - aka Sexy Seamless - like the ones I got after having the baby. You probably know which ones I'm talking about if you've birthed lately ;-)

I feel crazy asking you guys to help.  I feel even crazier thinking that I can do this but, this has been something that's grown in my heart over the last few weeks and I want to at least try to help!  If you are in healthcare and can provide some of the Labor and Delivery items, head on over to the blog where Terri listed the items the hospital requested (to give you an idea, they sometimes have to wash and reuse disposable gloves and their collection devices for sutures and needles is an old milk jug taped to the bed).

I pray you can help. Merry Christmas.