Mami Swagger: It's In the Smile

Here we are again, chatting about mami swagger. We've covered the shoes, I've told you a little about the hair (though I have more to say on that topic), about not working out, I've given you glimpses of the beleh swagger and now we must cover a very important topic. The smile. Haven't you seen some hot guy at some point and then when he smiles you turn the other way and introduce him to your BFF instead? Face it, a bad smile can kill a first impression.  Am I right or am I right?  Let me start by saying that while I have a great overall smile, I have been bothered by something in my adulthood that I don't very much talk about.  Teeth crowding.  You can't really tell because, hello?! I know my personality just shines through all of that!  But alas, it's there. I've always had super tight teeth. How tight you ask? I had a temporary crown in a few months back and went to wax and the darn thing popped right on out when I tried to pull out the string.  It's why I don't eat corn (that and the fact that I can't get the idea that the corn will actually be in my poop! Why eat it, I just throw it in the toilet and flush then, I don't have to worry about flossing).  Mami used to always say "you have no room for more teeth" when my adult teeth were coming in but, they settled in nicely.  That's until the wisdom teeth came in. My front bottom teeth had nowhere to go! Wisdom, really?!  Because let me tell you, I was making bad decisions left and right when they came out! Maybe the wisdom was IN the teeth and when they popped out of my head, oops there it went. But, I digress.

I've talked a little with my dentist about it but the last time I was half drooling and so, I thought we should leave the discussion for a time when I didn't look like I needed that saliva sucky thingy permanently installed in my mouth.  But let's face it, I'm 36 thirty something, I'm EXTREMELY particular about what I put in my mouth and I can tell you that metal, isn't on the list. So what do I do?

I'm looking into something that will allow me to gain my winning smile and help me retain my mami swagger in the process: Invisalign!  Do you know what it is?  Well, allow me to bring you into the 21st century.  They are clear braces. That you can take off to brush, floss or, if you are particularly daring and don't mind finding kernels in your poop, eat corn!

It sounds so futuristic to me.  You get impressions made and they map your treatment from start to finish.  You get a set of aligners that you change every 2 weeks. They gradually move your teeth into the position they should be.  Doesn't it sound simple? The best part about it (and I'm talking to my mamis with teens although I say leave them with crooked teeth for a while to keep them out of trouble because unlike the metal braces, these aligners won't mess with their appearance) they now have them for teens! How great is that? I'm glad because if the frog princess needed braces, I'd be sad to put her in the metal gear, you know? I didn't have them growing up but her dad did and, it doesn't sound like he had a good time with them on.  Ultimately, they work the same. Pressure is still applied over time except that with Invisalign, you don't have to go into the office and let Igor tighten your metal in the medieval torture device.  I mean, what year is this, right?

So, back to the swagger.  I love the idea of these (and I love the idea of getting this grill fixed).  I also love the idea that you can still participate in sports or a fashion show (or a mami brawl with the heifers in the playgroup that have been talking about you), they are comfortable (I have a friend who wears them now and he loves what they're doing for him), and who can beat how great they look? Unless of course, you like to set off the metal detector at the airport.

I mean, look at the difference:

Anywho, I'm seriously considering getting these.  I've been feeling a little self-conscious of my big smile lately and I would love to get my smile swagger back.  How about you? Are you (or your teen which you had when you were 12) in need of braces? Are you looking into Invisalign? And if not, you and I may need to talk.

Disclosure: I've been checking these guys out for a while so it made sense for me to do this post.  I got paid in wine! NO! I keed, I keed! This is a sponsored post and I told you I'd tell you when these came up.  However, you should know by now that if it's not for me and I don't like it, I won't talk about it (unless of course, you'd like to give me one meelleeon dollars - I say in my best Dr. Evil voice - and then that's a strong maybe).