Mami Mondays: The Dino Bash

I know everyone has been asking about it so, here is the recap!  I'm tired! But I'm happy.  The dino bash went off without a hitch (that could be seen).  Let me first say that the frog princess was celebrating her birthday right alongside her cousin. We like to call him the Monkey King.  Their birthdays are just 10 days apart so, why not join them together for twice as much fun! I'm SO glad we decided to go to Amaya Papaya.  This year, the frog princess enjoyed the place more than last.  She was now walking and able to interact with others.  And the decorations?  Well, see for yourself!

I love that when I first talk to Yolonda when setting up parties, she asks: did you have something in mind? She's probably the only person that I will ever say: come up with something. Her ideas are fantastic and she's as enthusiastic about making sure the party goes off without a hitch as I am so, we make a great team!

Now, the snack cups were my highlight. Why you ask?! I MADE THEM.  Well, I put them together.  I purchased the template from the gals over at Pigtails Paper Trails (how cute is that name?).  They customized the cups to match our colors and I even got the iron-on for the front of their shirts!  I got the man (I really need a new nickname for him) to help me cut them out and then proceeded to glue to my hearts content (at the last minute, of course!).

Oh, I just realized that, I lied.  THE highlight of the party preparation was making the tutu.  That's right, people! I made the tutu! I got tulle to match all the colors we were using and voila!  Super simple! Here's the link to the instructions.

Here's the finished couture on the model:

The best part about the party, of course, is how much the kids enjoyed themselves.  They played to their hearts content (actually, they probably would've loved one more hour).  More importantly, as parents, we could just let them run around and not have to worry about china being broken or corners of furniture being run into.  I think all the kids really enjoyed themselves and the parents had fun playing with their kids (though they might not admit to it).

A big surprise to me was the sorrow I felt intermittently throughout the party.  That's because mami was at the party last year.  I can still picture her in this same chair.  I know a few tears were shed yesterday as people reminisced.  I held it together as long as I could and thankfully had my wonderful, perfect line sister come back in after she'd left and hug me which, unfurled the tears as the day ended.  I am thankful and grateful for so much love and care.  People that are able to enjoy these perfectly beautiful moments with us but that are also able to remember, respect and cherish the memory of my mami.

I loved that we could share this special day with the Monkey King.  They have such a special relationship!

And I loved that all of their friends showed up to celebrate their special day.  I also love that it's now over!  Christmas decorations, here I come!