#DeliciousMoments With a Bookworm

Disclosure: I love ice cream and these are my stories (insert Law & Order thump thump here along with the line: this is a sponsored post) I got in my car today and the thermometer read 95. I kid you not. By the time I'd gotten to my destination, the thermometer read 93. I took a picture:

Dear sweet baby Geezus, it is Fall and the only thing I have to look forward to this week is the temperature finally falling below 90.

So with the temperature so hot and my child being a sweater (sweat-er?), I take it upon myself to make sure that I give her a cool snack when we get home from school.

Knowing how much I love books and how much I love ice cream, I received this little gem via email. It is my friend Clare's recipe. She's my new favorite mom and I'd like her to move in with me and do all of the cooking. It's what she's awesome at so I figured, why not?

Enter: THE BOOKWORM! I can't stand it! The giddiness that I feel right now is beyond me. I am going to be chairing my very first book fair this fall and I am totally thinking of making these for my volunteers. What do you think?

Photo Courtesy: Breyers


  • 1 graham cracker
  • 1/2 cup Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream, slightly softened
  • 1 gummy worm candy
  • Decorative icing (optional)


  1. Place graham cracker on small dish. Place Breyers® Natural Vanilla Ice Cream on top of graham cracker and carefully smooth to edges using butter knife or small spatula. Use knife to carve line down center of ice cream to resemble center of open book. Smooth around edges so that ice cream is same shape as graham cracker.
  2. Place in freezer until very firm. Remove from freezer and use fork to scrape lines around ice cream sides to resemble pages in book. Insert gummy worm into ice cream. Write a few words or letters on the pages of book with decorative icing if you wish! Serve immediately or freeze until ready to serve.

YUM, right? I wish I was that little worm. Just hanging out with some ice cream and reading. I am supposed to be chilly, curled up with a book as I watch the leaves falling off of trees. Instead, I'll be trying to find a pool party to crash this weekend.

Just because I'm about to go pretend to be someone's long lost cousin doesn't mean you can't be curled up with a good book watching leaves turning. How about I live vicariously through you?

I want to give you a $25 Target gift card and some of my very own Breyers coupons so that you can go crazy and have some Delicious Moments all your own this fall. What do you say?

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Breyers_AmbassadorDisclosure: I am a Breyers Ambassador. Because what could be better than ice cream AND bookworms?  All thoughts, opinions and possible reading exertion are all my own.